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Student Award Recipients


Dianne Greenstein Memorial Fellowship

Maya Doyle

Maya Doyle entered the doctoral program at the Silver School of Social Work in 2004 as a part-time student while working full time as the senior social worker in the Kidney Program at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore. She completed her master’s at NYU in 1994, and had worked in Pediatrics at Bellevue Hospital for six years before joining the team at Montefiore in 1999. In addition to her clinical work, Maya has served as coordinator of the Ruth Gottscho Dialysis and Children’s Kidney program at Frost Valley YMCA for 10 years. Having taken maternity leave in 2007 when her son Torben was born, Maya returned to her doctoral coursework in 2009. In 2011, Maya defended her proposal, “Cystinosis in Emerging Adulthood.” She was awarded a grant from the Cystinosis Research Network (CRN), which has allowed her to conduct interviews and focus groups all over the United States with individuals (and their parents) affected by a rare metabolic disease. In addition to training in qualitative methods and grounded theory from her mentors, Dr. Deborah Padgett and Dr. Allison Werner-Lin, Maya was accepted to attend a Grounded Theory Institute training seminar with Dr. Barney Glaser in the fall of 2011. Having grown up with a chronic illness, Maya has combined her personal experience and professional expertise to explore the transmutation of illness and the challenges of transitioning from pediatric to adult-oriented care. She has also served as an adjunct lecturer in the master’s program, teaching Clinical Social Work in Health and Illness. Maya was also accepted to NYU’s Global Research Initiatives Program 2012 Summer Dissertation Program, and is looking forward to dedicated writing time in London this summer.

Robert Moore Award for Excellence in Scholarship

Jennifer Bauwens

Jennifer Bauwens has worked extensively with children and adult survivors of domestic violence and abuse both nationally and internationally. She has also developed educational material and violence prevention and recovery programs for all age groups. Jennifer currently consults for the Clinical Social Work Journal and continues to investigate the effects of trauma on the professional lives of clinicians post disaster.

Silver Spirit Award

Elizabeth Fritz

Elizabeth Fritz is a graduating senior in the BS program in the NYU Silver School of Social Work with minors in sociology and public health and policy. Elizabeth has served on the Undergraduate Student Government Association for all four years of her undergraduate career, and is glad to have been able to contribute and help develop the community and provide opportunities for students to get involved. Throughout her four years at NYU, she has served as an NYU Admissions Ambassador, peer educator with the Health Promotion Office, and member of the NYU Violet Femmes Ultimate Frisbee team. Her placement is currently with the Institute for Community Living's Geriatric Outreach Program as she furthers her knowledge and experience working with the elderly population.

Geoffrey Golia

Geoffrey M. Golia is a graduating MSW candidate in the two-year program at New York University's Silver School of Social Work. He is currently the vice president of the Graduate Student Association (GSA), the founding chairman of the Silver Atheists, Agnostics, & Secular Humanists (SAASH), and a member of the Racial Diversity Coalition (RDC). He is also the recipient of a 2012 President's Service Award. His professional interests include individual and group psychotherapy, social justice issues, and the intersection of secular humanism and social work practice. Since his arrival at NYU Silver, he has sought to use his various positions to empower and advocate for his fellow students. He has also had the privilege of working in two tremendous field placements–last year, with the organization Getting Out and Staying Out, working with young men incarcerated in, or recently released from, the jails on Rikers Island; and this year providing individual and group psychotherapy at Brooklyn College's Personal Counseling Center. In his personal life, he enjoys running, Boston Red Sox baseball, vertebrate paleontology, Italian cuisine, and punk rock.

Global Social Work Award

Cayce Pack

Cayce Pack is a graduating senior at New York University’s Silver School of Social Work, where she pursues her passion for working with refugees and displaced populations. Nearly eight years ago, Cayce signed up to volunteer at a resettlement agency in Nashville, Tennessee, and soon found herself helping with a start-up community center for Sudanese refugees. After that, her entire perspective-and life plans- became focused around refugee rights. Cayce took her work abroad to Cairo, Egypt, where she developed and implemented a creative writing class for a refugee school serving Sudanese, Eritreans, and Somalis. Shortly thereafter, Cayce spent four months at NYU’s study abroad site in Tel Aviv, Israel, advocating for refugee protection and starting an English language program for young men from Darfur. In New York, she has worked with the International Rescue Committee and Bellevue Hospital Program for Survivors of Torture. She currently interns at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, and co-presides over the UNICEF at NYU Club. She is part of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholars Program, and has been thrilled to share her NYU experiences as an official student blogger at the Silver School. After graduation, she plans to pursue her MSW at NYU before venturing to the Middle East/ North Africa region.

Silver Citizenship Award

Hector Charriez

Hector Angel Charriez is a junior in the Silver School of Social Work and an honor student including being a member of Phi Theta Kappa and Phi Alpha Honor Societies. Angel has worked in the field of Human Services for more than 15 years helping the community learn about substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. He has dedicated his adult life to educating underserved communities about various health issues that include HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, Hepatitis C, and domestic violence. His mission to educate the youth and women who were victims of Domestic Violence has been noticed by Senator Diane J. Savino who recognized Angel’s work in HIV Prevention Education and Dedication to the Community of Coney Island in 2007. His work continued to be recognized and in 2011 he was awarded with the Health Education Advocacy Award by the first community-based organization in Coney Island- Amethyst Women’s Project.

In his capacity at Amethyst Women’s Project, Angel co-wrote the curriculum and leads The Community Educational Workshop Series. Angel has been instrumental in this agency’s implementation of two annual, 75-hour, spring and fall cycles of instruction as part of Coney Island’s Community Educational Workshop Series. Angel has proven to be a competent, engaging, and charismatic individual committed to teaching and learning as critical components of the fight to reduce the adverse impact of HIV/AIDS in communities of color. Angel is committed to working with The LGBT Community Center and has volunteered his services on various occasions providing outreach work trainings. Angel continues to show his commitment to The Center by joining an annual three-day bike ride (275 miles total) to raise money for The Center services that are geared to help those with HIV and AIDS. His commitment to the underserved people of New York City is evident by his stewardship of the HIV/AIDS Learning Organization (HALO), an organization that he founded in 2003, and continues to lead to this day, serving the greater area of NYC.

Outstanding POPS Project Award

Judy Rosen

Judith Rosen is a first-year MSW student. Her fieldwork is at the NSLIJ School Based Health Center at Franklin K. Lane High School Campus in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn. In addition to providing therapy for individual clients, Judith co-leads psycho-educational groups in Spanish and English with a focus on the prevention of teen pregnancy and HIV/AIDS. She developed and implemented the job preparedness program “Respect The Hustle” to fulfill the Center's objectives of providing life skills training to ensure a healthy transition to young adulthood. Through a series of weekly workshops, students create a job hunting kit, practice interview techniques, improve their communication skills, learn business etiquette, and develop strategies to turn their first jobs into stepping stones for a future career. The practical skills are underscored by a focus on self-empowerment and the development of healthy self-esteem. The program also includes guest speakers and behind-the-scenes field trips to businesses such as radio stations Mega 97.9 and Amor 93.1. After a successful career as an entrepreneur in the fields of new media, broadcasting, and technology, Judith returned to college and received her bachelor’s degree with honors in psychology from Hunter College in 2011. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Psi Chi, and Phi Alpha honor societies.

Dean's Award for Innovation in Social Work

Ian Chorao

Ian Chorao is completing his foundation year of the NYU Silver MSW program. After completing undergraduate work with degrees in psychology and visual art, he worked in the field, first with an at-risk, mentally ill, geriatric population, and then with a mentally ill homeless population. Thereafter, his life then took a turn, and for the next decade he worked as an art director in film productions and as a free-lance writer. He is a published novelist and a produced screenwriter for film. Though it’s been a long detour, he is delighted to be back in the world of social work, and he has found that the years spent as a working adult, and becoming a father of two small children, has only enriched, and added dimension, to his understanding of the human condition in general, and the social world field in particular. After graduation next year, he plans to pursue post-grad training in clinical social work, with an eye toward incorporating his background in the arts and writing into his practice.

Sarah Fjeldstad

Sarah Fjeldstad is a graduating senior at NYU’s Silver School of Social Work. Her passion for and dedication to social work is as apparent in her personal and professional life as it is in academia. As a lifelong advocate for people with disabilities, Sarah’s field placement at YAI, working with adults with developmental disabilities, has provided invaluable experience with this population, which she will take with her into her career. While at YAI, Sarah's sensitivity and perspective positively influenced services and outcomes for consumers, efforts for which she receives this award. During her time at the Silver School, Sarah has completed multiple trainings focused on increasing political engagement, including the New Organizing Institute's Candidate Project, and the Campaign School at the University of Connecticut School of Social Work, which have further ignited her interest in political social work. In addition, Sarah has been recognized for her academic excellence through her membership in the Phi Alpha Honor Society. Following completion of her bachelor’s degree in social work, Sarah will pursue her MSW with a focus on policy and programming, further exploring social work's unique capacity for addressing the intersectionality of factors creating both private troubles and social problems. Sarah is thrilled by the opportunity to serve her community and represent the Silver School as an innovative social worker.

Clara Loeffel

Clara Grace Loeffel is a graduating MSW student at NYU Silver that has focused on both legal policy and working with individuals with severe mentally illness. As an intern at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Clara worked on a long-term inpatient psychiatric unit for individuals with chronic schizophrenia and psychosis. Her interest in policy began during her undergraduate study at The University at Albany, where she graduated in 2004 with a major in Political Science.

At Greenwich Department of Social Services, her first field placement, Clara created and developed the Conservatorship Committee, a legally recognized advisement council within the Probate Court System that coordinates assessment and services with the judge, attorneys, conservators (guardians), families, social service agencies, and providers. Conserved adults, unable to care for themselves primarily due to severe mental illness or dementia, receive comprehensive care and effective, efficient service delivery. Elected as the community partnership liaison for the Committee, Clara has been featured in the Greenwich Times; has conducted various appearances on talk radio; and continues to have frequent speaking engagements for organizations such as the Greenwich Bar Association, Southern Connecticut Senior Provider Network, the Greenwich Commission on the Aging, the Fairfield County Bar and Probate Judges, Greenwich Rotary Club and NAMI Stamford/Greenwich. Her comprehensive model of care has the potential to expand and become a regional model for conservatorship and guardianship in the Probate Court System.

Social Justice Award

Regina Diouf

Regina Diouf is a graduating MSW student at the NYU Silver School of Social Work. Primarily interested in the study of social policy and research, Regina has worked to advocate on behalf of those individuals she worked closely within the field as an NYU student. Passionate about the many social, economic, and developmental injustices that continue to impact the HIV/AIDS community, Regina spent a summer working as an intern for the United Nations Population Fund’s HIV/AIDS Adolescent and Youth Technical Division at the U.N. headquarters in NYC. Last year, Regina founded the NYU Silver Student Global AIDS Campaign where she has worked to raise awareness on campus through informed advocacy, education, and action-oriented efforts. As president, Regina’s group specifically worked to involve NYU Silver students in a letter writing campaign, urging New York Senator Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand to take a stance on the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria. After sending nearly 200 signed letters on behalf of the NYU Silver community to the Senate offices in Washington, Regina and her group organized an NYU Silver student phone bank with Senate staff. In her free time, Regina enjoys volunteering with the mental health rights group NYAPRS, playing tennis, and traveling. Regina is passionate about health and wellness and is a member of the Phi Alpha National Honor Society.

Lauren Kalogridis

Lauren Kalogridis is a junior at the NYU Silver School of Social Work, with minors in visual art and social entrepreneurship. At NYU, she is the president of the Against Child Trafficking group, a humanitarian organization on campus that begins dialogues on the complex issue of modern-day slavery; and NYU's student coordinator for Freedom Week, an annual city-wide campaign that seeks to unite the New York City Anti-Trafficking Coalition to educate the public and inspire grassroots action. In October of 2011, she had the honor of bringing acclaimed humanitarian and former Cambodian sex slave, Somaly Mam, to the NYU campus and introducing her for an audience of 400 people. Her experience as the marketing and social impact intern for the social venture, Vendorboon, and as an Ashoka Youth Mentor led her to believe in the reach of social entrepreneurship and the power of youth to create sustainable solutions to pervasive problems in the world around them. Her work surrounding human trafficking, social entrepreneurship, and youth empowerment inspired her to lead a team in creating the social venture, Youth Take Charge. YTC seeks to educate high school students about human trafficking, while offering them mentorship, leadership training, and a curriculum that teaches them how to formulate action-oriented solutions to fight modern-day slavery. In her free time, Lauren enjoys storytelling, all kinds of art, and home-cooked meals.

Evelyn Orellana

Evelyn Orellana is a graduating MSW student at the NYU Silver School of Social Work. Evelyn dedicates much of her time at NYU Silver to organizing and supporting students through SOCC (Students of Color Collective), the Racial Diversity Coalition, and the Graduate Student Association. Evelyn has helped advocate for change regarding the issue of institutional racism at the Silver School, and was also part of the Common Day Planning Committee. In her free time, Evelyn works with HOPE, a small non-profit organization that she co-founded in an effort to provide marginalized families affected by poverty around the world with basic needs such as food, clothing, and medical assistance.

Outstanding Student Program

Chinese Student Support Group

The Chinese Student Support Group was designed to help the first-year students smooth their transition to life in the US and at NYU Silver. The group provides an opportunity to make friends, explore available resources, both give and find emotional support, exchange ideas, and create change. It also a place where second-year students have the chance to provide advice, and a chance for first-year students to share their successes and frustrations with a group of students that understand what they are going through better than anyone. In the weekly meeting, students have discussed: courses and professor recommendations, school resource sharing, networking building, social justice in the social work field, immigration issues, cultural competence, training opportunities, mental health, and self-care. The group hosted a very successful 2012 New Year Party for Chinese and American students at the School.