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Social Justice and Diversity

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The 2010-2011 Student Racial Diversity Coalition with former Dean Lynn Videka (far right). Together they laid the groundwork for many of the School's social justice and diversity initiatives.

Like NYU as a whole, the Silver School is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. The School continues its efforts to increase diversity among students, faculty and staff; foster a climate of safety and respect for all members of the school community; and prepare students to work with diverse populations across practice settings.

  • All MSW and BS students must complete the Diversity, Racism, Oppression and Privilege course that emphasizes the meaning of race, ethnicity, class, gender, and culture, as well as the concepts of prejudice, discrimination, oppression, stigma, and stereotyping.
  • Improving the classroom climate for diversity and enhancing our educational programs on social justice and diversity are key goals.
  • A Diversity and Social Justice Committee, first convened in 2013 and composed of students, faculty and staff, leads the school's efforts to integrate the principles of social justice into our MSW, BS, PhD, and DSW curricula. Read the Diversity and Social Justice Committee Bylaws (PDF)
  • A Social Action Committee guides the School’s response to relevant policy, community, professional and organizational issues that further social and economic justice. Read the Social Action Committee Bylaws (PDF)
  • The School sponsors an annual Social Justice and Diversity Grant that inspires students to design and implement programs that address issues related to social justice, diversity, and social work.
  • The School also conducts an annual survey of students' views on equity and inclusion to inform future initiatives in this area.
  • In November 2016, the School launched Silver Strategy and Tactics of Action, an organizing community comprised of faculty, staff, students, and alumni, that fosters collaborative action to eradicate implicit and explicit injustices. 

Social Justice and Diversity Grant

In 2012, the School established an annual Social Justice and Diversity Grant to inspire NYU Silver students to create innovative programs that raise awareness of issues of diversity, race, oppression and privilege, and their relation to the mission of the social work profession.

The goals of the grant are to:

  • Support and encourage events that lead to the development of socially just communities
  • Encourage a commitment to cultural humility, social diversity, and inclusion
  • Facilitate the review of personal values and beliefs that may influence decision-making
  • Promote self awareness to eliminate biases in professional practice

Since the 2016-17 academic year, the grant has funded a day-long student-to-student conference focused on "Walking the Talk" and bringing social justice and diversity to direct practice.


Out Faculty and Staff

The Mission of the Silver OUT Faculty and Staff Group is to promote social justice and to provide educational opportunities and support for students, staff, and faculty on LGBTQA issues. The group is dedicated to supporting the academic mission by promoting the inclusion of LGBTQA topics in the curriculum. "Our hope is to contribute to silver’s larger social justice mission in a coherent, up-to-date and evidence-based manner."

Contact to learn more.

Social Justice and Diversity Events

Silver Strategy and Tactics of Action

  • Silver Strategy and Tactics of Action is an organizing community comprised of faculty, staff, students, and alumni, that fosters collaborative action to eradicate implicit and explicit injustices.  

Student Diversity

All three student bodies (BS, MSW, and Doctoral) were more diverse in 2016-2017 than they were in 2009-2010, when White students comprised more than half of the student body in the BS program and nearly three quarters in the MSW and Doctoral programs. In 2016-2017, 55% of BS students, 45% of MSW students, and 43% of Doctoral students were people of color. The School continues to work on increasing diversity among students, faculty, and staff.

NYU Bias Response Line

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There are three ways to report an incident to NYU's Bias Response Line: Call 212-998-2277, email, or complete an online form.