Action Against Racism at Silver

As part of the Silver School’s efforts to address the challenges of racism and to build a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse School, the Dean and members representing the School’s Executive Committee, the Silver School Senior Leadership Team, the Social Justice Praxis Committee, and the Student Affinity Groups came together on February 28, 2019, to identify short-term action steps, timelines, and committees designated to oversee progress with each action step. We recognize that eradicating racism requires changes at multiple levels—personal, interpersonal, and structural—and that this initial list of actions represents only a small part of the work that is necessary for long-term sustainable change in creating a more inclusive and equitable learning environment.

In May 2019, the Faculty of the Silver School voted in favor of endorsing a resolution, Education Against Racism at NYU, passed by the NYU Tenured Faculty Senators Council (T-FSC), which calls for the University to provide anti-racism education for its faculty, students, staff, and administrators; designate support and resources across all schools and departments to empower students of color; and conduct yearly evaluations of its anti-racism practices.

The information below is updated as of April 2019, and will continue to be updated to reflect additional progress. Full committee listings are linked in each action below but may also be accessed at the contact list page. Any general questions or comments may be directed to


  • Goal: Review and revise MSW program curriculum with respect to social justice, critical theories such as critical race theory, and anti-oppressive practice.
  • Point Person(s)/Committee: MSW Program Committee
  • Timeline: Ongoing and throughout the 2019-2020 academic year
  • Next Steps: The MSW Program Committee is currently discussing curriculum revisions, with the aim of presenting to the full faculty this spring.
  • Contact:


  • Goal: Bolster the capacity of full- and part-time faculty to navigate and address discussions on racism and other forms of bias and exclusion, and to facilitate self-reflection with regard to these issues in the classroom.
  • Point Person(s)/Committee: Pedagogy Working Group
  • Timeline: Ongoing
  • Next Steps: The Silver Dean convened a first meeting of this group in early April, and they are beginning to generate concrete ideas to strengthen pedagogical skill for full- and part-time faculty instructors, including required foundational training, pedagogy skills workshops, peer learning opportunities, and other tools and supports. Future meetings of the group will focus on such things as navigating difficult conversations in the classroom, use of language, and addressing implicit bias.
  • Contact:


  • Goal: Revise the admissions application to further examine prospective students’ values with respect to equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Point Person(s)/Committee: Ad hoc Admissions Subcommittee
  • Timeline: Review is ongoing and implementation is slated to begin in the 2020-2021 academic year
  • Next Steps: The committee met this spring and is planning to add a new required essay in the admissions application that examines questions of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and a question on the reference letters as well. They are also examining the feasibility of conducting select interviews as part of the admissions process to better assess readiness to begin the MSW program.
  • Contact:

Anti-Racism Training


  • Goal: Implement bias response protocol for students experiencing racial bias and discrimination in class and in field placements.
  • Point Person(s)/Committee: Bias Response Working Group
  • Timeline: Ongoing with action plan by Fall 2019
  • Next Steps: Working Group will recommend an action plan for MSW students and BS Seniors by Fall 2019. Student Affairs and the MSW and BS programs will then implement recommendations, and Student Affairs will work with other cohorts and programs to explore all school implementation during Summer 2020.
  • Contact:


  • Goal: Institutionalize ongoing socioemotional support for students of color.
  • Point Person(s)/Committee: Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • Timeline: Ongoing, with working group formation in Summer 2019
  • Next Steps: Associate Dean has begun a review of socioemotional needs and resources with campus partners across NYU, including but not limited to a mental health specialist dedicated to the Silver School. A working group will be formed in Summer 2019 to review findings and recommend short- and long-term institutionalized support.
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  • Goal: Complete a national search for a faculty leader to provide ongoing attention and advance progress on matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the School.
  • Point Person(s)/Committee: Designated Search Committee and Silver Dean's Office
  • Timeline: Ongoing and continuing into 2019-20 academic year
  • Next Steps: Secure position approval from University, form search committee, develop position announcement, and initiate national search.
  • Contact: