Department Directory

Field Learning & Community Partnerships

Virge Luce, Clinical Associate Professor & Interim Assistant Dean of Field Learning & Community Partnerships

Deborah Manning, Associate Director of Data Assessment & Field Learning Operations
(212) 998-5913

Alison Aldrich, Clinical Associate Professor
Practice Areas: Contemporary Issues with Adults, Substance Abuse
Social Work and the Law
(212) 998-9190

Anne Dempsey, Clinical Assistant Professor
Practice Areas: Children and Families
(212) 998-5899

Dr. Kirk A. James, Clinical Assistant Professor
Practice Areas:  Social Work and the Law,  Older Adults
(212) 998-5989

Dr. Nicholas Lanzieri, Clinical Assistant Professor
Practice Areas: Mental Health
(212) 998-7375

Juhi Malhotra, Clinical Assistant Professor
Practice Areas: School Social Work
(212) 998-9187

Deleverlon Hall, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Undergraduate Field Coordinator
Practice Areas : Macro Practice

Meredith O'Boyle, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Practice Areas: Health, School Social Work

Lori Landman, Adjunct Lecturer
Placement Specialist: Rockland County and New Jersey
(732) 290-1033

Donna Pope, Adjunct Associate Professor
Placement Specialist, Westchester County Campus

Tyla Dwarica
Administrative Aide II
(212) 998-5914

Brandon Shane Richards
Administrative Aide I