Undergraduate students from all NYU schools may complete an interdisciplinary minor in inequality studies through the Silver School of Social Work (SSSW); the College of Arts and Science (CAS); Tisch School of the Arts (TSOA); and The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development (Steinhardt). This minor presents the opportunity to study inequality through academic courses as well as through service learning. Students will develop a perspective on the complex problem of inequality and its consequences as it affects children, families, the elderly, homeless, victims of domestic violence, the disabled, and others both domestically and internationally. Through volunteer work performed in the SSSW service learning program, students will gain first-hand knowledge of the conditions faced by these populations and the impact of political and economic factors on the day-to-day realities of service provision.


The 18-credit minor consists of four 4-credit courses, to be selected in consultation with the program director, and a 2-credit service-learning course. Specific course sequencing is not compulsory, but existing pre-requisite restrictions for electives may apply.

1.  UNDSW-US 1: Introduction to Social Work & Social Welfare *or*  
     UNDSW-US 11 American Social Welfare Agencies - 4 credits
2.  UNDSW-US 111 Inequality  - 4 credits
3.  A Silver School of Social Work undergraduate elective course  - 4 credits
4.  An elective course from an external School at NYU - 4 credits
5.  UNDSW-US 85: Service Learning and Food Insecurity - 2 credits

SSSW Electives (choose one)

UNDSW-US 53: Modern Families - Services to Children & Marginalized Households
UNDSW-US 62: Social Work and Family Violence
UNDSW-US 65: Homelessness
UNDSW-US 66: Global Perspectives in International Social Policy

External Schools (choose one)

CAS Electives
SOC-UA 137: Wealth, Power, Status: Inequality in Society
HIST-UA 9452: Immigration
POL-UA 138: Theories of Justice
POL-UA 380: Minority Representation in American Politics
POL-UA 382: The Politics of Poverty and Welfare
SCA-UA 718: Poverty and Income Distribution

TSOA Electives
OART-UT 1017: Working With Groups In Community Settings
OART-UT 1561: Through the Documentary Lens: Civil Rights

Steinhardt Electives
TCHL-UE 41: American Dilemmas: Race, Inequality, and the Unfulfilled
PUHE-UE 70: Health and Society: Introduction to Public Health
SCA-UA 807: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the New Immigration
APSY-UE 1279: Child Development and Social Policy in a Global Society