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Research Lecture Series

The Doctoral Program Research Lecture Series (DPRLS) is a unique learning opportunity that emphasizes the acquisition of specific research knowledge, skills, and competencies. With its academic focus, the lecture series exposes doctoral students to a range of substantive, methodological, and statistical topics identified by doctoral students themselves as areas where additional training is needed. The overall aim of the DPRLS is to enhance the research training of current Silver School of Social Work doctoral students while also providing early research opportunities to other NYU graduate students.

Presenters at the series include senior NYU Silver faculty as well as other renowned researchers from NYU and beyond. Current doctoral students may also present their research through “science chats,” allowing them to contribute to the DPRLS while gaining valuable presentation experience. DPRLS workshops are offered during the fall and spring semesters.

Upcoming Lectures

Information about the upcoming Fall 2013 DPRLS workshops will be released in the coming months. Topics covered in the Spring 2013 DPRLS included:

  1. March 28 – “Research Initiatives at the NYU Center of Violence and Recovery – Dr. Linda Mills”
  2. April 2 – “SSSW Office for Research presents: Literature Reviews and Meta-Analysis – Dr. James Jaccard”
  3. April 17 – “Developing Behavioral Interventions: Current Research Initiatives at the Center for Drug Use and HIV Research – Dr. Marya Gwadz”
  4. May 9 – “Measurements of Common Psychiatric Disorders – Dr. Michelle Munson”
  5. May 15 – “Successfully Writing NIH Grant Proposals – Dr. Vincent Guilamo-Ramos”
Linda Mills Speaking