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Global Learning

Global Learning

As part of NYU’s Global Network University, students have several opportunities to participate in global learning programs. Through immersion in local culture and society, our global learning opportunities developed by faculty provide students with the ability to examine social policy and social work practice as well as contemporary social, political, and economic issues from a global perspective while gaining a deeper understanding first hand of diverse cultures.

Areas of Focus

Through an international lens, students can focus on:

  • Advanced clinical theory
  • Communitiy engagement
  • Health and social welfare issues
  • Social justice and social movement
  • Global mental health
  • Trauma

Several study abroad options allow for language immersion and residing with local families. Through the global experience, students are encouraged to reflect on social conditions and the multicultural values, ethics, ideologies, and approaches used in social work practice.

opportunities for Undergraduates

Undergraduate students can enroll in some of the global programs housed at the Silver School—Costa Rica; Washington, DC; and Paris—and have additional options available in Ghana and Buenos Aires.

Opportunities for Alumni and Other Social Work Professionals

We invite applications to participate in global learning courses on a selected basis and at a reduced cost. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Dr. Eileen Wolkstein, Director, Office of Global and Lifelong Learning.

Global Learning Opportunity for Social Work Students

This opportunity is being offered in collaboration between the Silver School of Social Work and the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy & Research.