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Considering a Global Program? Read this first!


Please carefully review the registration webpage for continuing students. After you review the webpage, please consult with your academic advisor if you have questions about the following issues:

  • For full-time students: how to maintain your full-time status in fall/spring semesters
  • For all students: how to meet prerequisites, sequence your courses appropriately, and plan your schedule to ensure you meet all graduation requirements


January term programs especially can conflict with field placement hours. It is possible to take a January term program if you have field, but you must take the required steps to be eligible:

  1. Receive confirmation from your field advisor that you may miss those field dates
  2. Make up all field hours that were missed to take the global course

Students in degree programs with summer field placements, who wish to take a summer global program, must follow the above guidelines when applying to a global program.


Tuition and fees for global programs are the same as courses that take place in New York.  The only additional costs associated with global programs are: housing, insurance, travel costs, activity fees, and any spending you do while away.  There is no application fee for global programs.

If you already receive financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships, etc.), those will apply to your global program tuition and fees like they would any other program.


Please note that any courses taken over the summer could affect your financial aid for your following year. For those that would like to receive financial aid for the summer, please view this link for detailed information. If you have any questions about financial aid for summer or fall, please contact Byron Cortes at


Where can I get more information about the programs offered?
Your first resources for any global program is that program's webpage.  You can access a global program's webpage by visiting the Global Learning Programs main page.
On this page, you will a schedule of program info sessions, where students can hear about the programs directly from the faculty that teach them and ask questions, information about scholarships and passport drives.
How do I apply to a global program?
Applications are submitted through Albert.  On each program's page, you will find detailed instructions on how to submit the application for that program.  Each program application requires that you upload a document of short essays.  A PDF version of this document can be found on the program's webpage, however, we recommend that you reach out to Stephanie Kaplan ( to obtain a Word version of these essays.
In which semesters do the global program credits show up?
All January term global programs are part of your spring semester classes.  This means that the credits and tuition and fees will appear in your spring bursar bill.
All summer global programs are part of the summer semesters. These credits and tuition and fees will be part of your summer bursar bill.
The Buenos Aires Fall Semester program will appear in your fall tuition and fees just any other fall courses would.
How do I know if I'm eligible to take a global program if I'm not in the two year MSW program?
The above-referenced registration webpage is your first resource for determining if you are eligible.  The general rule is that you are eligible if you have (1) have elective credits and (2) will not be in conflict with your field placement during the time of the course.
I'm graduating in the spring. Can I take a summer global program?
If you wish to take the summer global program as a part of your degree program, you will be able to walk in spring graduation and still take the summer global program by requesting a Dean's Exception, however, you should note that you will not officially graduate until after the summer term, when your grade has been submitted. This may affect the timeline for taking your licensing exam.
If you wish to take the summer global program as a course in addition to degree program, you will be able to graduate in the spring, however, you should note that you may not be eligible for additional summer financial aid.
When will I receive a decision on my application?
Decision notifications vary from program to program.  Students can typically expect to receive a decision two (2) to three (3) weeks after submission. 
I've been admitted, now what?
After being admitted to a program, students will be asked to confirm their seat.  Following seat confirmation, students will begin to receive emails about enrollment and logistics such as final housing and insurance rates, flight purchasing, and activities.
How do I enroll in a global program?
In order to be enrolled in a global program, student must have applied, been admitted, and confirmed their seats.  Once that has been done, the Office of Global and Lifelong Learning will enroll you in the program once registration opens for the semester in which the program runs.  Students are not able to self-enroll in global programs.
What if I cannot attend the mandatory pre-departure sessions for a program?
This will be dependent upon the program and the discretion of the faculty member teaching the course.  Please reach out to the faculty member to see if there is an alternative method of receiving the information that will be covered in the pre-departure sessions.
Are there any scholarships available for global programs?
The Office of Global and Lifelong Learning offers one scholarship for each short-term abroad program (i.e., programs that take place outside of the U.S.) and two scholarships for the semester in Buenos Aires. Information and applications for scholarships can be found on the main global page and on the program's webpage.
Do I need a visa to participate in a Silver global program?
Generally speaking, U.S. Citizens do not need a visa to participate in one of our global programs, based on the countries in which we typically hold programs. The exception to this is the semester program in Buenos Aires, due to the length of time students are in the country. Visas for this program are facilitated by the NYU Buenos Aires staff upon arrival in Argentina and U.S. Citizens should not try to obtain them on their own prior to departure for the program.  Non-U.S Citizens interested in Silver global programs should contact the NYU Office of Global Services (OGS) to determine if a visa is necessary for participation in one of our courses. Due to the long length of some visa processing times, Non-U.S. Citizens should contact OGS as soon as they plan to apply to the Silver course (