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Germany and USA

Where Do You Come From? Discourses of (Im-) Migration in Germany and the USA

Image of student in Germany

Program Faculty:

  • James I. Martin, PhD, LCSW, Associate Professor of Social Work; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director, MSW Program


  • Tuition and Fees: Graduate tuition and fees: 3 Credits paid directly to the Bursar.
  • Estimated Housing: This course will take place in New York City.
  • Insurance: N/A
  • Estimated Travel Expense: N/A
  • Program Fees: Estimated $37 for cultural program activities and excursions.

About the program

  • Dates of Course: June 29 - July 6, 2018 (with required pre-course dates in late spring TBA)
  • NOTE: Summer abroad programs count toward summer credit.  This may affect your financial aid needs for the year, and for graduating seniors may affect your graduation status.  Make sure to check with financial aid and your academic advisor early on.
  • Location: New York, USA with students from Silver and students from RheinMain University of Applied Science in Wiesbaden, Germany.
  • Total Credits: 3 credits
  • Available for: Master's students
  • Instruction language: English
  • Note for 16-month students: Students in the 16-month program are unable to be absent from field or class in the summer session; given the compressed nature of the program there is insufficient time available to make up missed field hours. 16-month students can, however, take a Jterm global course the winter of their second year, when they are on the same schedule as the two year program.

This course is a global learning experience taught at NYU that is part of an ongoing collaboration between NYU Silver and RheinMain University of Applied Science (HSRM), Wiesbaden, Germany. Half of the students participating in the course will be NYU Silver students, and the other half will be German social work students enrolled at HSRM. The course uses a cross-national and cross-cultural approach to examine the patterns of migration and immigration to the USA and Germany, the experiences of migrants, and how migration is differentially understood in these two countries. Fraser's Status Model of Recognition will be introduced as a theoretical framework for understanding migration discourses. Students will also learn how to use the research method of Photovoice to learn how views and narratives about the self and the other are constructed in social contexts. Students will reflect on the way meaning and constructions of difference, which are implicit in migration discourse, are connected to one’s local biographical experiences and standpoint. The course will include several excursions to important New York City sites having to do with immigration.

Global Program Application and Registration Process

To apply for this program, you must complete the Global Program Application available via this link:
The Global Program Application requires that you upload your current resume.  



Applicants who accept their seats in the program will receive additional next-steps and will be enrolled in the course from the Office of Global and Lifelong Learning. Students do not self-register for global programs.

For General Inquiries Contact

Stephanie Kaplan
Assistant Director, Office of Global and Lifelong Learning

For Course Content Inquiries Contact

James I. Martin, PhD, LCSW
Associate Professor of Social Work; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director, MSW Program