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Puebla, Mexico


Complex Health and Social Welfare Issues: The Case of Unaccompanied Minors in the U.S.

Program Summary:

  • Dates of Course: June 5 - 27, 2015 (Summer term)
  • Location: Puebla, Mexico
  • Housing: Students will live with Mexican families carefully selected by the program staff. Meals (breakfast and dinner) are provided by the host family.
  • Total Credits: 3 credits
  • Available for: Master's of Social Work, Master's of Public or Global Health, and related professions

Program Faculty:

  • Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, PhD, MPH, LCSW, RN, Professor and Mexican Exchange Program Director
  • Armando Garcia Yanez, MBA, UPAEP
  • Jane Lee, MSW, BA

Academic Details/Program Curriculum:

  • The course seeks to expose students to the complex and urgent social welfare issue of unaccompanied minors in the U.S. through providing a comprehensive overview of critical issues impacting unaccompanied minors throughout the migratory process. As such, students will develop the ability to critically and reflectively analyze the migratory process and how the socio-political environment of Mexico affects unaccompanied minors’ migration into the U.S. Students will be able to develop a deeper understanding of the current issue of unaccompanied minors through a bi-national perspective. Additionally, students will explore strategies for addressing the health and social welfare problems associated with all stages of migration that encompass individual, community, and policy level approaches. The target audience for the course includes students in social welfare, nursing, public health, and other health related disciplines.


  • Tuition and Fees: Graduate tuition and fees: 3 Credits: $3,3939 (estimate), paid to the Bursar.  Continuing Education non-credit rate 2/3 of graduate tuition less fees $2,232, paid to the Office of Global and Lifelong Learning.
  • Housing: $750 per student.  Housing will be double hotel rooms (two students per room) with private baths, breakfast included in price.
  • Insurance: $11.34/week.  All students are required to carry HTH Insurance for the duration of the course.  Students will be enrolled by the Office of Global and Lifelong Learning.
  • Estimated Activity Fees & Personal Expenses: $500-800 (amount varies based on individual student expenses).
  • Estimated Travel Expense to Puebla: Round-trip (from New York) is around $750 depending on booking date, type, and availability.
  • Meals: A welcoming meal will be provided and daily breakfast is included in the cost of the hotel charges.  Students are responsible for any additional meals.
  • Excursions: Selected agency visits and museums trips in Puebla; accompanied excursion to Mexico City.

Global Program Application and Registration Process

All students wishing to participate in the Puebla global course must complete the application on this page. The application will be reviewed by the course director and instructor(s). Students will be notified of their application decision by the Office of Global and Lifelong Learning. Upon notification, each student is required to submit a non-refundable deposit of $150 within two weeks to hold his or her place in the course. The remainder of the housing and insurance balance due from the student must be paid by the date outlined in the acceptance letter.

Students do not self-register for global courses offered by NYU Silver. All students admitted to the course will be enrolled by the Office of Global and Lifelong Learning and the Registrar.

For General Inquiries Contact

Eileen Wolkstein, PhD
Director, Global and Lifelong Learning

Stephanie Kaplan
Coordinator, Office of Global and Lifelong Learning

For Course Content Inquiries Contact

Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, PhD, MPH, LCSW, RN
Professor of Social Work