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Glasgow, Scotland

Comparative Mental Health Policy & Practice in the United Kingdom and the United States


Program Director:

Victoria Stanhope, MA, MSW, PhD; Associate Professor of Social Work


  • Tuition and Fees: Graduate tuition and fees, paid directly to the Bursar. Undergraduate tuition (senior BSW students only, must interview): Please review the University’s tuition structure for undergraduates:, paid to the Bursar. 
  • GeoBlue Insurance: $28.30. Enrollment in GeoBlue insurance (2018 rates TBA) is required for all students traveling outside of the United States for an NYU course.  The Office of Global and Lifelong Learning will enroll all students in GeoBlue insurance.
  • Estimated Housing: 2018 housing rates TBA.
  • Estimated Airfare to Glasgow: $800 (estimated, from New York; dependent upon booking date)
  • Meals: TBA.
  • Excursions: TBA.
  • Personal expenses: All other expenses are the responsibility of the student.

about the program

  • Dates of Course: June 18-28, 2018.
  • Housing: TBA
  • Total Credits: 3 credits
  • Available for: Graduate Master's, Undergraduate Seniors, Non-Matriculated Students
  • Passport: Must be valid for 6 months beyond date of entry; must have at least 1 blank page
  • Prerequisites: SSWP 1 is a prerequisite for enrollment. This course can fulfill the advanced social policy course requirement or be taken as an elective.
  • Note for 16-month students: Students in the 16-month program are unable to be absent from field or class in the summer session; given the compressed nature of the program there is insufficient time available to make up missed field hours. 16-month students can, however, take a Jterm global course the winter of their second year, when they are on the same schedule as the two year program.
The course will be taught at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. This elective course takes a cross-cultural and cross-national approach to mental health, mental health services and policy in the United Kingdom and the United States. Informed by the social determinants of health framework, the course will focus on how mental health relates to issues of social and economic justice.
The first part of the course will compare and contrast the approach to social welfare in these two countries with a particular focus on the differing health care systems. Differences and similarities with regard to government role, funding and role of social workers will be explored. The second part of the course will present understandings of mental health within the global context, the social determinants of mental health, and mental health reform in the U.K and the U.S. We will focus on the promotion of integrated health care and mental health recovery in the two countries and their influence on practice and policy. The course will conclude with a discussion of social inclusion, comparing its meaning in U.S and the U.K and presenting innovative developments in the field aimed at including people with lived experience of mental illnesses in all aspects of society.

Global Program Application and Registration Process

To apply for this program, you must complete the Global Program Application. The Global Program Application requires that you upload your current resume and the Global Program Essay Questions* for the particular program to which you are applying into the application, along with a copy of your passport photo page (if you already have a passport and it is applicable to the program).
*To obtain a copy of the file, please visit this folder or email Stephanie Kaplan. You will need to be logged in to your NYU email account to access the folder. If you are denied access, check to see which email address it's denying. If you are logged in to another Gmail account, you may need to log out and only be logged in to your NYU email account for access. Make sure that you are obtaining a copy of the correct file for the program to which you are applying. When submitting this file, you should use the file name already set up, adding your name as follows: 'GlobalProgramEssayQuestions_Glasgow_Smith,John'
To begin an application for this course:
  1. Log in to NYU Home
  2. Click on the 'Academics' tab
  3. Click on the 'Albert Login' button
  4. Scroll down to where you see the 'Application Center' link (lower right side) and click on it
  5. Scroll down to where you see 'Silver Global Programs' and click on the 'Apply' link to the right
  6. Follow the application instructions found at the top of the page
Important notes:
  • Applications cannot be saved and must be completed in one session. Make sure you have all the necessary materials before beginning the application.
  • Applicants will get a confirmation email if submission was successful; please try not to submit more than one application for each program.
  • Decisions are made on a rolling basis and at the discretion of the faculty member. This means that students who apply or are admitted earlier will receive decisions earlier.
Once an application has been reviewed, the applicant will receive a decision email. The applicant will then be able to accept or decline her/his seat in the program.

Applicants who accept their seats in the program will receive additional next-steps and will be enrolled in the course from the Office of Global and Lifelong Learning.  Students do not self-register for global programs.

For General Inquiries Contact

Stephanie Kaplan
Assistant Director, Global and Lifelong Learning

Faculty Contacts

Victoria Stanhope, MA, MSW, PhD; Associate Professor of Social Work