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Comparative Mental Health Policy & Practice in the United Kingdom and the United States

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About the Course

FACULTY: Victoria Stanhope, MA, MSW, PhD; Associate Professor of Social Work


The course will be taught at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow (Scotland), United Kingdom. This elective course takes a cross-cultural and cross-national approach to mental health, mental health services and policy in the United Kingdom and the United States. Informed by the social determinants of health framework, the course will focus on how mental health relates to issues of social and economic justice.

The first part of the course will compare and contrast the approach to social welfare in these two countries with a particular focus on the differing health care systems. Differences and similarities with regard to government role, funding and role of social workers will be explored. The second part of the course will present understandings of mental health within the global context, the social determinants of mental health, and mental health reform in the U.K and the U.S. We will focus on the promotion of integrated health care and mental health recovery in the two countries and their influence on practice and policy. The course will conclude with a discussion of social inclusion, comparing its meaning in U.S and the U.K and presenting innovative developments in the field aimed at including people with lived experience of mental illnesses in all aspects of society.

  • Dates: June 8 - 18, 2020 with two 2.5-hour predeparture sessions the week of May 13. Students should arrive in Glasgow on June 7 as classes will start the morning of June 8
  • Credits: 3 credits for Advanced Social Policy or as an elective
  • Prerequisites: SSWP 1 is a prerequisite for enrollment
  • Note for 16-month students: Students in the 16-month program are unable to be absent from field or class in the summer session; given the compressed nature of the program there is insufficient time available to make up missed field hours. 16-month students can, however, take a Jterm global course the winter of their second year, when they are on the same schedule as the two year program.
  • Note on Summer Courses: Summer courses count toward summer credit. This may affect your financial aid needs for the year, and for graduating seniors may affect your graduation status. Make sure to check with financial aid and your academic advisor early on.


  • NYU Silver MSW students
  • NYU Silver BSW students who will be seniors in Fall 2021
  • Graduating MSW students may participate in this course in fulfillment of their degree requirements and will also be allowed to participate fully in Convocation May 2020 (however, please note that official degree conferral will not occur until September 2020)
  • NYU graduate students at other schools and non-NYU graduate students at other universities are considered on a space-available basis


  • Tuition and Fees: Graduate tuition and fees, paid directly to the Bursar. Undergraduate tuition (senior BSW students only, must interview): Please review the University’s tuition structure for undergraduates: http://www.nyu.edu/bursar/tuition.fees/rate13/ugsocial, paid to the Bursar. 
  • GeoBlue Insurance: $64. Enrollment in GeoBlue insurance is required for all students traveling outside of the United States for an NYU course.  The Office of Global and Lifelong Learning will enroll all students in GeoBlue insurance.
  • Estimated Housing: Students will book on their own. We will provide advice around neighborhoods.
  • Estimated Airfare to Glasgow: $800 (estimated, from New York; dependent upon booking date)Meals: NYU will host a welcome dinner for students. 
  • Excursions: Train trip to Edinburgh to visit Parliament. Train tickets range based on purchase date but are generally not more than $25 roundtrip.
  • All other expenses are the responsibility of the student.

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Stephanie Kaplan
Assistant Director, Global and Lifelong Learning
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Victoria Stanhope
Associate Professor of Social Work