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Dual Degree Program - MSW/MA in Health Advocacy

The NYU Silver School of Social Work joins with Sarah Lawrence College to offer a dual degree in social work and health advocacy. Students in this program can pursue study leading to a master's degree in social work (MSW) and a master's degree (MA) in health advocacy.  

By taking courses that are acceptable for transfer credit in each of the schools involved and through careful course planning, both degrees can be completed by three years of full-time study. The program can also be completed on a part-time basis. Completion of 97 credits, including 16 credits of supervised field work, is required for completion of both degrees.

Students must begin this program at Sarah Lawrence College finishing one year of course work in health advocacy; social work classes begin after this first year; a final year includes courses on both campuses.

Admission to both programs is required. All classes in health advocacy are held at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York, in Westchester County. MSW classes can be taken at the Washington Square, Rockland, or Westchester campuses.

This dual degree will combine the theoretical knowledge bases of clinical social work and health advocacy. It will prepare graduates to be social workers and health advocates for clinical practice with patients and families in diverse health care settings. In addition, graduates will have in-depth knowledge of macro practice aimed at reducing structural barriers to health care, such as poverty and racism. Both programs emphasize the importance of understanding the impact of culture, race, and gender on the development of individuals and social systems.


First Year

Fall (SL) Credits
Models of Advocacy: Theory and Practice I 4
History of Health Care in the United States 4
Ethics and Advocacy 4
Health Law 4
Spring (SL) Credits
Models of Advocacy: Theory and Practice II 4
Economics of Health Care 4
Illness and Disability Narratives 4
Physiology and Disease 4

Second Year

Fall (NYU) Credits
Social work Programs and Policies I   3
Social Work Practice I 4
Diversity 3
Human Behavior I 3
Field Instruction I 4
Spring II (NYU) Credits
Human Behavior in the Social Environment II      3
Social Work Practice II    3
Clinical Practice with Groups       3
Social Work Research I                   3
Field Instruction II 4

Third Year

Fall (NYU and SL) Credits
Human Behavior and the Social Environment III   
Social Work Practice III 3
Field Instruction III 4
Program Design and Evaluation 4
Spring III (NYU and SL)  
Social Work Practice IV   
Field Instruction IV 4
Health Care Policy 4
Capstone Seminar 3
Field Practicum Seminar 1
  Total Credits: 97
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