MSW Student Manual 2019-2020

MSW Student Manual with All Sections (PDF)

The purpose of the MSW Student Manual is to acquaint you with the School's procedures and requirements so that you can succeed in your studies. The MSW Student Manual with All Sections is comprised of all sections, noted below.

Section I: The MSW Program Curriculum & Academic Guidelines (PDF)

Section I: The MSW Program Curriclulum & Academic Guidelines is comprised of -

  • program pathways
  • academic advisement
  • guidelines for leave of absence and term withdrawal 
  • independent study options

Section II: Field Learning (PDF)

Section II: Field Learning is comprised of -

  • field learning curriculum guidelines
  • evauations
  • policies and procedures

Section III: Rights & Responsibilities (PDF)

Section III: Rights & Responsibilities is comprised of -

  • essential attributes
  • ethical use of social media in practice
  • professional misconduct and discipline
  • academic integrity
  • student grievances
  • university policies

Section IV: Student Services (PDF)

Student Services is comprised of -

  • student activities
  • student groups
  • graduation
  • licensing
  • other resources


*Please note, the MSW Student Manual is up to date as of 10/07/2019 and is subject to changes throughout the academic year.