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MSW Program at Shanghai and New York

Program Highlights

NYU Silver’s MSW program at Shanghai and New York provides the opportunity to experience an innovative global MSW education. Extended immersion in Shanghai and New York allows students to critically reflect on cultural, social, and economic similarities and differences between these two environments, and it enhances their learning about and capacity for culturally appropriate practice. The program consists of a generalist practice curriculum in Shanghai followed by a specialized practice curriculum in clinical social work in New York City. Students spend two semesters in a field instruction agency in each of the program’s two years, for a total of 1200 hours of field learning experience.

Bilingual Program

All courses will be taught in English. Students in their first year will have their field placement at social service agencies and hospitals in Shanghai. This field placement will be in either Chinese or English, depending on a student’s language capability. In their second year, students will have their field placement in the greater New York metropolitan area, where a wide variety of agency settings are available. This field placement will be at a site where English is the primary language.

Global MSW Education

This program is similar to the Two-Year MSW program, but students attend the first year at NYU Shanghai and the second year in New York City, at NYU's Washington Square campus. The program is designed for students who want a truly global social work education. Global and multi-cultural content is infused throughout the curriculum. Upon graduation, students will receive an NYU-granted MSW degree.

Sample Course of Study

Year 1: Fall in Shanghai

Course TitleCredits
Social Work Practice I 4
Social Welfare Programs & Polices I 3
Human Behavior in the Social Environment I 3
Writing Seminar 3
Chinese Language Elective 2
Field Instruction I 4

YEAR 1: Spring in Shanghai

Course TitleCredits
Social Work Practice II 3
Human Behavior in the Social Environment II 3
Practice with Groups 3
Social Work Research I 3
Field Instruction II 4

YEAR 2: Fall in New York

Course TitleCredits
Social Work Practice III 3
Human Behavior in the Social Environment III 3
Diversity, Racism, Oppression, and Privilege 3
Social Work Research II 3
Elective 1
Field Instruction III 4

YEAR 2: Spring in New York

Course TitleCredits
Social Work Practice IV 3
Advanced Social Policy 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Field Instruction IV 4

Note: Enrolling in either Writing Seminar or a Chinese language elective is strongly recommended for students in this program pathway. Writing Seminar is designed to strengthen students' professional writing skills regardless of whether English is the first or second language. For the Chinese language elective, students complete an online assessment in order to determine the proper level course they should take. Students who take a 2-credit Chinese language elective in their first semester will have an additional 1-credit elective that can be taken at any point during the New York portion of the program: third semester (shown here), fourth semester, January term or spring break, or summer semester between the first and second year.

Chinese Language Website
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Contact Us

Silver School of Social Work at NYU Shanghai Address:
Pudong Campus
1555 Century Ave
Pudong, Shanghai, China 200122

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Tuition and Scholarship

Example of a full-time, two-year MSW tuition and scholarship:

  • Tuition: $1,351 per point on average
  • Total: approximately $44,565/year (based on 33 points)
  • Scholarship: Approximately $10,000 (average award, if received)

Financial aid is available to eligible students in the form of discounted tuition. For more information, contact the Office of Admissions and Enrollment Services at