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MSW Program at Shanghai and New York

Program Highlights

NYU Silver’s content-rich MSW curriculum reflects current knowledge from both research and practice. In the MSW program at Shanghai and New York, students will have the opportunity to experience an innovative global MSW education and be trained in culturally appropriate practices. You will be trained by the Silver School's internationally prominent faculty who are creating new knowledge to solve social problems. The School's commitment to cultural diversity and social justice will serve as a foundation for this NYU Silver experience.

Bilingual Program

Course work will be modeled after the two-year MSW program in New York and will be taught in English. During the program's first year, offered in Shanghai, you will take courses in English while doing field instruction in Mandarin in Shanghai agencies. The second year of study will take place at NYU's Washington Square campus in New York City, where all instruction and field learning will be in English.  

Global Education

Students in their first year will be placed in social service agencies and hospitals in Shanghai where NYU is developing partnerships. In their second year, students will complete their field work in the greater New York metropolitan area. Students will, therefore, have an opportunity to gain first hand experience on the role of social workers in both China and the United States.

Sample Course of Study

First Year - Shanghai

Fall Spring
Social Work Practice [3] Social Work Practice II [3]
Human Behavior in the Social Environment [3] Human Behavior in the Social Environment II [3]
Social Welfare Programs and Policies [3] Social Work Research [3]
Writing for Social Work [1.5] Clinical Practice with Groups [3]
Field Instruction [3] Writing for Social Work [1.5]
  Field Instruction II [3]
Total Credits: 13.5 Total Credits: 16.5

Second Year - New York


Introduction to Social Work in the US [3] (elective)

Total Credits: 3

Fall Spring
Social Work Practice III [3] Social Work Practice IV [3]
Human Behavior in the Social Advanced Social Policy [3]
Environment III [3] Elective [3]
Diversity, Racism, Oppression, and Privilege [3] Elective [3]
Social Work Research II [3] Field Instruction IV [4]
Field Instruction III [4]  
Total Credits: 16 Total Credits: 16

Total Credits = 65

All required courses offered in Year I in Shanghai include global and multi-cultural content.

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Application for the fall are due January 9, 2015.

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