Scholarships & Financial Aid

Full-time students are typically awarded a Research Fellowship to support their doctoral studies. The Fellowship includes:

  • Full tuition and registration service fee waivers for required coursework

  • Graduate student health and dental insurance

  • Graduate assistantship stipend

Students who receive a Research Fellowship are required to devote 20 hours per week on their mentored Research Practicum with a Silver faculty. Part-time students may be eligible for partial support on a case-by-case basis. The program offers competitive internal awards to support proposal and dissertation research, and national conference travel.

NYU-ECNU Dual Degree Applicants:
Both domestic and international students are eligible to be awarded the Dean’s Fellowship by NYU Silver. In addition, NYU-ECNU students may receive assistance in offsetting the costs of tuition and related expenses through a fellowship from the Chinese government. Once admitted, ECNU and NYU will assist students in applying for this fellowship.