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Who We Are

Social Work Champions is an ambassador program that connects prospective and newly admitted students with a current MSW student or MSW alumni. Champions draw upon on their experiences at NYU to highlight the opportunities and benefits of an NYU education.

The Champions were established to provide the School with a group of volunteer students who have the necessary skills to help new and prospective students throughout their application process.

How to become a champion

Any MSW student is eligible to become a Social Work Champion. Students are encouraged to get involved early to maintain relationships throughout their time in the program and beyond.

Champions are friendly, committed, and enthusiastic about sharing their NYU Silver stories and experiences. Beyond the satisfaction they gain by making guests to the University feel welcome, Champions develop interpersonal skils and aid prospective MSW students. Please contact our program cordinator to receive more information.

Activities May Include

  • Presenting at information events and panel presentations
  • Corresponding with prospective students
  • Welcoming and congragulating accepted MSW students via email
  • Attending graduate school fairs

a group of outstanding MSW students

Anahi Galante Headshot # 2
Anahi Galante Jersey City, NJ
2-year MSW Student
Thomas Edison State College, Religion & Counseling


NYU's Silver School of Social Work offered me a supportive environment and a challenging intellectual proposition. I felt warmly welcome and I spoke with several alumni and NYU champions, all of them gave me a clear picture of the depth and breath of this learning community. Joining the NYU Champions program was a way to give back and share my enthusiasm and love for Silver's with others. Joining the SLC and student groups such as Next-Steppers, PiP and LSWSO gave me an opportunity to fully connect with some of my many identities such as being an adult student, a member of the LGBT community and a Latina. The Social Justice components of this program are very important to me and while more work needs to be done, I strongly believe that we are moving in the right direction. The oppotunities for profesional and personal development such as the Undoing Racism training and last week's training on Having Uncomfortable Conversations are truly meaningful to me. I am a Zelda Foster Fellow and it is my honor to be placed at the Palliative Care Program of New York Presbyterian Hospital. I hope to work in Palliative and End of Life Care. This way, I can explore, work and lead into the realm where Social Work and Spirituality intersect.

Michael Dalisera
Michael Dalisera
2-Year MSW Student
Pace University, Applied Psychology, Pforzheimer Honors College


I am interested in working with persons with acute or chronic mental illness. My first field placement was with Fort Lee public schools in New Jersey and my second is at the Rockland Psychiatric Center in Rockland County, New York. My main reason to attend the Silver School of Social Work was not only because of the clinical focus the curriculum has, but also because of the supportive student body and welcoming faculty he encountered when visiting the school.

Chanelle Spencer
Chanelle Spencer Brooklyn, NY
2-Year MSW Student
Hunter College, Psychology & Public Policy


I am currently placed at Brooklyn Gardens Elementay School. I joined NYU Silver mainly because of the sense of community I felt at the accepted student mixer in the Spring. Prior to that I was attracted to NYU Silver's global learning opportunity, I will definitely cease that opportunity in the future. My long term goals are to work with minority and developmentally disabled students function effectively in the school environment and in their communities, and becoming empowered to succeed in life post-graduation.

WinifredWu nyu
Winifred Wu
2-Year MSW Student
Queens College, Psychology


I chose to join NYU Silver because of its focus on clinical training, the support and friendliness of the faculty and students, and the help I received from financial aid. My current field placement is at Beth Israel's inpatient hospice unit through MJHS. My long term goals are to continue work in oncology, hospice, and palliative care. I also want to obtain a yoga for cancer teacher certificate to work with the cancer community.  

Elizabeth Chon
Elizabeth Chon Los Angeles, CA
2-Year MSW Student
University of Redlands, International Relations & Creative Writing


After serving in the Peace Corps, I made the decision to join NYU Silver because of the school's strong connection and aim to addressing global issues. I am currently focusing on enhancing my skills and knowledge on working with immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. My current field placement is at HealthRight International where I am working with survivors of torture seeking asylum status in the US. My long term goal is to open my own non-profit organization.

Kristin Wiegand
Kristin Wiegand Chester, NJ
2-Year MSW Student
Syracuse University, Psychology


What originally drew me in to NYU's MSW was the clinical focus. However, I am learning that there many levels of clinical practice, and I am excited to find out what those are over the next two years at the Silver School! My current field placement is with Catholic Guardian Services, and my ultimate goal is to work at a legislative level advocating for reproductive rights and sexual health education.

Kalisha Carrington Headshot
Kalisha Carrington Brooklyn, NY
Advanced Standing MSW Student
Lehman College, BSW


When I was applying to school, I definitely utilized the NYU Champions in order to ask questions about the school, the style of teaching and even the application process. It was truly helpful. I joined the NYU Silver Community because from the beginning, I was supported by many NYU Silver students, staff and alumni and I wanted to be someone like that. I definitely feel as though the education is worth it however the values that have been embodied by the NYU Silver community match the values I have in my life, therefore it was a perfect fit! My long term goals include becoming a LCSW, working in a hospital setting to provide detoxification or rehabilitation to individuals that are chemically dependent and traveling to third world nations to volunteer! I am currently placed at the Center for Community Alternatives, Youth Program.  

Roxana Mendez-Rojas Bronx, NY
2-Year MSW Student
University at Albany, Psychology


NYU Silver was an instantaneous decision for me, I decided to take a non-matriculated semester to check it out and a semester later here I am starting the two year program! The NYU Silver community is downright amazing from the teachers to the students and the admissions staff. I am aiming to become a psychotherapist, I am not sure who my target population will turnout to be but I am interested in international social work as I was raised outside of the United States.  

Alexa Roganti
Alexa Roganti Manhattan, NY
2-Year MSW Student
Catholic University of America, BSW


During my junior year as an undergraduate I began working at the Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute, a school for children with developmental and cognitive delays. My senior year placement was at Georgetown University Hospital in their division of infectious disease where I counseled patients living with HIV and often helped these patients find basic necessities that they could not afford. I found my place at NYU Silver and could not be happier.

Lindsay Fortner
Lindsay Fortner Long Island, NY
Extended MSW Student
Siena College


I love the fact that the professors are so approachable and have such a vast knowledge of the field. Coming to Silver for the clinical focus was my goal and I am loving every minute of it! After graduation, I hope to use my clinical skills in a higher education setting either in the counseling center or as career counselor.  

Rose Dumond
Rose Dumond New York, NY
2-Year MSW Student
SUNY Stony Brook, Psychology & Sociology


I was greatly interested in the NYU Silver Community due to the high reputation of the school and the quality of the Social Work program the school has to offer. Unlike other schools, NYU not only offers direct clinical practice but also offers an opportunity for global learning in Social Work in various places around the world and a variety of electives to choose from which I felt other schools fell short of. I feel that if you have a great interest in the Social Work field but are not quite sure of where you want to head to, the variety of electives you are given can help narrow down your choices. My long term goals are to be able to work in an agency or setting that deals with homeless populations, adolescent/young adult groups or in a hospital setting. Right now my current field placement is called Selfhelp Community Services which deals with an older population and I feel this agency is a good way to ease yourself into the world of Social Work when dealing with a vulnerable population such as the elderly.

NYU had been my top choice for a while, with a generous package I feel I was able to afford the quality education they have provided me making me feel like I have no regrets in my choice. Ultimately, it is what you make of your education but I truly believe if you are interested in client work, global work or anything of the like, NYU is your school.  

Marie DiLeonardo
Marie DiLeonardo Massapequa Park, NY
2-Year MSW Student
SUNY New Paltz, Sociology


I joined the NYU Silver Community because of its vast social service agency connections throughout the NYC-NJ-Long Island area, its reputation as a global university, and because it has always been a dream of mine to study in NYC. My current field placement is at NYU College of Nursing Office of Student Affairs and Admissions. My long term goals are to work within the higher education or nonprofit administration/program development fields of practice as a social worker.

Contact Us

Coordinator of Social Work Champions

Admissions and Enrollment Services
Anthony J Smith
Social Work Champions, Coordinator
1 Washington Square North, Room 102
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212-998-5996

connect with a champion

If you are interested in getting in touch with one of our Social Work Champions please email our Program Coordinator and provide general information about yourself to find the Champion that will be the best to answer your questions.