Champion Bios

The Champions program is the Silver School of Social Work's graduate student ambassador program. Our Champions come from a variety of programs and are here to speak with you about their experiences at NYU Silver. If you would like to connect with a Champion, please send an email to Champions program is actively seeking student ambassadors to join us for the 2019-2020 academic year. MSW students from all programs and campuses are encouraged to apply.

Champions in Full-Time Programs

Undergraduate Institution: University of Arizona

Pronouns: They/them/theirs

I am a second year MSW student in the Macro Practice Focused Learning Opportunity. I specialize in mix research methods, community organizing, and policy. My interests center within grassroots mobilization, narrative development in gender non-conforming networks, and queer peacebuilding/civil sociopolitical development. My current field placement is at McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research. I am a research assistant with the Safe Mothers, Safe Children program. My primary tasks are data input and analysis, completing post-program biopsychosocial reports, and assisting with trauma-informed trainings for partner organizations. I am a Peace Corps Coverdell Fellow and a member of the Student Leadership Council. Email Kelly 

Undergraduate Institution: Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

Pronouns: She/her/herself

I chose NYU Silver because I wanted to gain social work experience while outside of my comfort zone and learning from renowned professors who were passionate about the work they were doing. I wanted to learn in an environment while surrounded by people with different points of view and experiences that would help me grow into a well-rounded social worker. Email Daisy

Undergraduate Institution: Boston University

Pronouns: She/her/herself

I chose NYU Silver for its strong clinical focus. My first-year placement was at the Bay Ridge Center, where I provided case assistance and social-emotional support for older adults. My current placement is at the New York Counseling and Clinical Social Work Service, where I provide one-on-one psychotherapy for adults. On campus, I am the international student representative of the Graduate Student Association Council. Email Sophia

Undergraduate Institution: Panjab University

Pronouns: She/her/herself

I am an international student in the second year of the MSW program. Silver School of Social Work has offered me a multidimensional classroom and field learning experience, along with opportunities for leadership and community involvement, which have been conducive to my growth as an individual, a student, a professional and as a member of the social work community. My first-year placement was at Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, where I learned to apply motivational interviewing, CBT techniques, and solution focused interventions in my clinical work with individuals struggling with substance abuse and emotional regulation issues. I am currently interning with Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES), an agency which serves individuals involved in the criminal justice system. It is proving to be an expansive learning experience as I am placed at the intersection of the justice system, mental health, education, and employment.

Undergraduate Institution: American University

Pronouns: she/her/herself

I chose NYU because I loved its location in New York City, and felt that the student body matched my interests and needs. I felt as though NYU could provide me with the network I would need post graduation. Email Rachel

Undergraduate Institution: University of Florida

Pronouns: She/her/herself

Attending NYU has been an amazing experience for me! It's not easy quit your job, pack up everything you own, and move across the country to go back to school in your late 30s, but I'm really glad I took that leap. NYU has been a super welcoming environment. The professors are exceptionally caring individuals, and my fellow students continuously amaze me with the depths of their care and compassion. Email Marisa

Undergraduate Institution: Dickinson College

Pronouns: She/her/herself

My NYU experience has truly been learning and growing while being immersed in the heart of New York City. NYU's dual degree program in public health and social work has lived up to my expectations and has allowed me to integrate the micro with the macro, only furthering my passion for social justice. Email Rachel

Undergraduate Institution: Northwestern University

Pronouns: He/him/himself

I am a theatre major and English minor looking to effect change in a meaningful way. I am interested in mental health, social justice, and advocacy work. I appreciate Silver's welcoming community, useful resources, and vibrant student life. While school is a lot to balance with other goals and commitments, it is a challenging, eye-opening experience. You truly get what you put in. I find Silver Peer Support to be an important student group on campus, and I am excited to connect with students with different backgrounds, interests, and specialities. Email Justin

Undergraduate Institution: University of Connecticut

Pronouns: She/her/herself

My experience at NYU has been diverse and full so far. I have been able to meet people from all different backgrounds and learn from my peers. I chose NYU Silver because coming from a small town and going to undergrad in a small, rural environment I wanted to broaden my skills and learn social work in an environment that I knew to be diverse, complex, and welcoming of all people. Becoming involved at Silver has been the best decision I made since your time here is so short, you are able to get so much more from the program and it allows you to meet more people as well as the faculty here at Silver. Email Morgan

Undergraduate Institution: Bates College

Pronouns: she/her/herself

I chose to attend NYU Silver for its emphasis on a international learning and clinical social work. For my first-year placement, I worked in a middle school doing one-on-one counseling with students. Currently, I am placed at the Children's Day Unit at New York State Psychiatric Institute where I work with clients and their parents to ensure they receive comprehensive treatment. I have really enjoy my experience at Silver and feel grateful to be part of this community. Email Rachel

Undergraduate Institution: Southern Cross University

Pronouns: she/her/herself

NYU's MSW program offered the clinical experience I wanted after completing an MA in Psychology. NYU is recognized internationally and has wonderful resources including Mindful NYU. I love the diversity, downtown vibe and quality of easily accessible lifestyle resources. Email Allison

I chose NYU Silver mainly for its clinical focus, but also because it is a program that believes in exposing its students to a wide range of topics and experiences. I would advise new students to be open-minded going into a first year field placement. I used to be set on working with young children, and after a transformative first year, I am now focused on working in the field of adult mental health. Email Lee

Champions in Part-Time Programs

Undergraduate Institution: Brown University

Pronouns: she/her/herself

I chose NYU Silver because of its flexible curriculum through the Extended program and its historical focus on direct practice internships. I am currently placed at the New York State Psychiatric Institute's Children Day Unit, where I work on a multidisciplinary team to address adolescents' mental health needs. I previously interned with the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights, where I learned more about how social workers can collaborate with community stakeholders to enact changes at the macro policy level. On campus, I am a co-leader of the Latinx Social Work Student Organization (LSWSO), which aims to create a supportive community among Latinx students at Silver. I also manage a mentorship program for first-generation college students of color through NYU’s Center for Multicultural Education and Programs to ensure that students like myself feel like they belong in higher education and beyond. Email Natalie

Undergraduate Institution: Adelphi University

Pronouns: she/her/herself

I live and breathe Social Work! NYU has given me the front seat to micro, mezzo and macro work in the classroom, in the institutional structure and in field. The professor I have had are knowledgeable, supportive, understanding, patience and encourage learning both in and out the classroom. They brought real life to every social work concept, theory and framework. My experience was more than what I expected and I am truly grateful, I applied to NYU! Email Casey

Undergraduate Institution: CUNY Brooklyn College

Pronouns: He/him/himself

Christopher Vargas is a proud Dominican Graduate Student working on obtaining his Master’s in Social Work at the NYU Silver School for Social Work. He is currently in the 32 Month Program for Working Professionals. His experience at NYU has been a tough but very enjoyable ride. Chris always knew he wanted to help people in some way, but didn’t know how he wanted to do it. He aspires to be a clinical psychotherapist or a medical doctor. Because of his busy schedule, working full-time at Planned Parenthood of New York as CAPP Sexuality Educator and Trainer, as well as volunteering at Mount Sinai Hospital, he was worried he wouldn’t be able to have enough free time to attend graduate school. Out of all the programs he searched for and found, this program fit best. It also helped that the school was located a couple of blocks away from his job. During his tenure at NYU, Chris feels he has procured a great amount of knowledge relevant to the mental health field; learning mental disorders, therapeutic methods, the importance of research, and more! Chris also feels that he’s gaining a lot of therapeutic experience at his field placement at the Ali Forney Center, which is a crisis center for LGBTQ homeless youth. His thoughts on the program overall: the classes challenge you, the professors are amicable and encouraging, the students are inspiring and friendly, and the program is one of the best programs out there for aspiring mental health professionals! Email Chris