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Licensing Information

New York State LMSW Licensing Requirements and ASWB Masters Exam Information

Updated: 1/24/2014

Becoming a Licensed Master Social Worker in NY
  • Download Licensed Master Social Worker Application packet here.

  • Complete FORM 1 (Application for Licensure) and mail to NYS Education Department – Office of Professions (full address on application)
    • Include fee of $294 (Check or money order)
    • Include copy of Child Abuse Identification Certificate (can be done 1-2 months prior to graduation)
  • Complete Section I: Applicant Information on FORM 2 (Certification of Professional Education)
    • Mail or hand deliver to NYU Registrar – Academic Records:
      Student Services Center
      25 West Fourth Street, New York, NY 10012-1199
    • When you have graduated, NYU - Academic Records will verify your degree once it is posted and will forward FORM 2 to the NYS Education Department on your behalf free of charge.

  • After receiving an approval letter from NYS Education Department - Office of the Professions, register with the Association of Social Work Board (ASWB) for the Master’s exam (fee: $230).
  • Once your registration is complete, ASWB will email you an Authorization to Test to the email address you provided. The email will contain information you need to schedule a test appointment.
Limited Permits - for those with a job offer and require license immediately after graduation (if not working in an exempt agency).

If you you have met the education requirement for licensure as an LMSW, in order to practice licensed master social work prior to passing the examination, you must apply for a limited permit (Form 5) and pay the fee ($70 in addition to the application and fee for licensure).

Please note that:

  • The limited permit is valid for one year and may not be renewed.
  • You must complete the two-hour Department approved course in the identification and reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect or file an exemption using Form 1CE (available on the web) before a permit or license will be issued.
  • You must be under the general supervision of an LMSW or LCSW, who is in the same facility and accessible to you.
  • You can take the ASWB examination every 90 days if you do not pass the first time. If you are at risk of losing your job, the ASWB will waive the 90-day waiting period upon written request.
  • If you have not passed the exam when the limited permit expires you may not practice as a licensed master social worker unless you work in an exempt setting.
  • For more detailed information please see the Limited Permits section of the website.


Applying for Social Work Licensure in New York State:
Get more information and answers to frequent questions about applying for Social Work Licensure in New York State.

Form 1
Form 2

Out of State Licensing Requirements:

Information about requirements for licensure in other states can be found through links on the ASWB web site.


ASWB develops and maintains four categories of social work licensure examinations: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Advanced Generalist, and Clinical. Not every jurisdiction uses all four categories, so candidates must be sure to check with individual boards to find out which examinations are appropriate for the jurisdiction in which they are seeking licensure.

Each examination contains 170 four-option, multiple-choice questions designed to measure minimum competencies at four categories of practice. Only 150 of the 170 items are scored; the remaining 20 questions are "pretest" items included to measure their effectiveness as items on future examinations. These pretest items are scattered randomly throughout the examination. Candidates have four hours to complete the test, which is administered electronically.

Examinations are administered by appointment at ACT test centers throughout the U.S. There are no fixed administration dates; instead, registered candidates schedule a time to take the test.

Special accommodations are available for candidates with disabilities. Additionally, many jurisdictions offer arrangements for candidates whose first language is not English. New York State does not.

In order to view any PDF files, visitors will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a free software to download from the Adobe web site.


The study guide that the Silver School of Social Work suggests for the ASWB Exam is the ASWB Master's Examination Study Guide, which may be purchased online.

Further information about the ASWB Exam can be found at the ASWB web site.

New Jersey Requirements for Law

New Jersey
  • You may apply to take ASWB Master's exam in last semester of the MSW program.
  • Call to request Application for Pre-approval to sit for ASWB Master's exam (973) 504-6495
  • Submit application with $75 fee to:
    NJ State Board of Social Work Examiners
    PO Box 45033
    Newark, NJ 07101
  • Obtain an official transcript from the New York University Office of Degree Verification to send with application.
    (Note: It will not be a final transcript. It confirms you are in the last semester of study.)
  • NJ Board will send you authorization to sit for the exam.
    If you take the exam in NY, be certain to indicate that the score should be sent to the NJ Board.
  • After you have passed the exam, call the NJ Board to request a formal application.
  • The application fee of $75 that you previously paid will be applied to your formal application process.
  • After you have graduated, obtain an official final transcript that states the degree has been granted from the New York University Office of Degree Verification.
  • Send this with your formal application, together with fingerprint history.
  • Your application must be approved by the New Jersey Board of Social Work Examiners, which meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month.
  • The NJ Board will send you written approval. You must then return a licensure fee to the Board office before you are officially licensed.

Licensing in Connecticut


Connecticut does not have a Master's-level license.

Requirements for the LCSW in Connecticut:

  • MSW
  • 3000 hours of supervised experience
  • ASWB Clinical or Advanced Generalist Exam