Continuing Education

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning programs reach practice communities both in and beyond the New York region. We provide advanced learning opportunities encompassing theoretical and practice models for social work and related health professionals.

Participants look to advance their careers, explore new professional avenues, gain increased skills to better meet the needs of their agencies and clients, and interact with their peers and faculty. Programming is based on a careful analysis of current priorities in practice and research, new policies that impact treatment, and faculty scholarship. Given the compelling rise in the demand for social services, we also recognize the need to continually prepare leaders for the future.

Global Learning

Through Global Learning, we support current students who seek to reframe, broaden, and deepen their understanding of social work practice with a period of study abroad. Students are exposed to micro and macro social issues within different cultures. Study abroad courses last from two to four weeks.

We are dedicated to constant improvement as we learn from participants and reach out to our professional community. Our philosophy is to provide programs that are relevant, current, challenging, accessible, and outcome-oriented in regard to advancing skill and knowledge.