Building Family Resilience


The videotaped presentation will be viewable online from a computer via streaming video. Once your registration and payment is received, a link will be forwarded for access to the video and instructions for taking a post-test. All online continuing education programs require completion of a post-test and evaluation for receipt of credits.



This two-part series examines ways to help families who are facing stressful situations. In addition to exploring systemic factors, these videos draw on neurobiology research to incorporate cutting-edge strategies for intervention. Each tape stands on it’s own in providing timely and practical insight. In combination, the series provides a comprehensive way to appreciate and intervene with family stress and build resilience in all family members.

Video Synopses

Video 1: (1.5 NYSED Contact Hours)

Clinical Work with Challenged Families (duration: approximately 1 hour 30 minutes) Many families are struggling with financial, health or relational problems. This seminar presents recent contributions from neurobiology research to explain the effect of stress on individuals and families. This allows for a more comprehensive understanding of risk factors to family functions. The concepts of emotional regulation and family security are introduced along with interventions to strengthen resilience.

Video 2: (This is a two-part video that carries a total of 1.5 NYSED Contact Hours)

Part 1: Understanding and Working with Parents: The Cornerstone of Family Security (duration: approximately 40 minutes) This seminar explores different dimensions of parenting, and dynamics that can compromise partner’s ability to work well together. Topics that are covered include implicit beliefs, the influence of the past, coping strategies and factors that compromise effective parenting, such as depression, substance abuse and inter-partner conflict. Clinicians will be introduced to ways of creating an alliance, and helping parents sort out relationship issues that weaken the parenting team.

Part 2: Helping Families Raise Resilient Children (duration: approximately 30 minutes) This seminar examines the protective factors that contribute to resilience, such as family security, efficacy, problem-solving skills and emotional regulation, and ways that parents can help build these strengths in their children. The tape helps clinicians work with everyday parenting dilemmas from a perspective that is informed by neurobiology research, and reflective of the kinds of issues that parents grapple with on a day-to-day basis.


Judith Siegel, MSW, PhD
Professor, NYU Silver School of Social Work, and Director of the School's Post-Master's Certificate Program in Child and Family Therapy