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Post-Master's Certificate Programs


Current research and evidence-based practice inform all of our post-master's certificate programs. Our programs give professionals the knowledge to advance their treatment strategies and improve their approaches and skills when dealing with complicated cases. An NYU Silver faculty member, who is actively involved in the most recent and relevant social work research, directs each certificate program. Certificate programs range from 40-80 hours in duration and typically meet in the evening. They require comprehensive journal and text reading, engagement in discussion, and debate about the issues and application. Clinical presentations are integral to learning. All programs are NASW CEU accredited.

Our Certificate Programs

Our Faculty

Our faculty is highly experienced in research, practice, education, and agency leadership, and offers the most current approaches to assessment, treatment, care management, integrated care, and organizational leadership. They provide in-depth insights about working with diverse populations in varied circumstances while teaching the application of theory to practice.

Our Students

Our students seek to advance their knowledge in treatment strategies and improve their approaches to complicated cases, recognizing that, while experience is important, gaining additional knowledge and training is also crucial. Students range in experience and include social workers in private practice, case managers, therapists in community-based health care agencies, and agency leaders. Related mental health professionals also participate.

OGLL Programs