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Integrated Primary and Behavioral Health

Program Overview

This program consists of five modules focused on transforming primary and behavioral healthcare systems resulting from the recent passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA):

  • Module 1: The Affordable Care Act (10 hrs/CEUs)
  • Module 2: Social Determinants of Health: Healthcare Disparities and Integrated Healthcare (20 hrs/CEUs)
  • Module 3: Person-Centered Care: Understanding Core Components of Practice and Skills Development (20 hrs/CEUs)
  • Module 4: The ACA: Promoting Systems & Organized Accountability (10 hrs/CEUs)
  • Module 5: The ACA: Promoting Leadership through Times of Change (20hrs/CEUs)

Each module is led by experts in their respective fields. Online, in-person, and guest lectures will be included within each module. Each module is designed as a stand-alone learning experience, but taken together offer a comprehensive overview of the healthcare reform movement. Completion of each module will result in the award of a certificate in the area of concentration and a corresponding number of continuing education units. Completion of all five modules results in the award of the Advanced Certificate in Healthcare Reform. This program is designed for social workers and related health care professionals.

From the Director

Peter Campanelli

"This is a very exciting time of monumental change within the healthcare system which will impact the entire United States population. New insurance products are emerging; new service delivery systems are being developed and tested; new treatment interventions are emerging. In order to stay on the cutting edge of these developments, continuous training and development is needed. If Healthcare Reform is to be successful in meeting its goal of insuring more people at a lower cost, and improving health outcomes, the workforce must be sufficiently skilled to implement these new strategies as they emerge. The Advanced Certificate is designed to provide professionals with the skills necessary to be highly effective in the rapidly changing healthcare field."

-Peter Campanelli, PsyD, Director

Program Requirements

To receive the Advanced Certificate, students must complete all five learning modules consisting of 80 hours of instruction. 

Classes will be offered as a blend of: face-to-face classroom sessions; live, online sessions via Webex webinars; facilitated online meetings; and, podcast assignments. On-campus class sessions are two hours, from 4:00pm-6:00pm, and online webinar sessions from 4:00pm-6:00pm. See the module calendars below for specific meeting dates for each module.

Assignments include weekly readings and a final learning assessment in the form of a project or test.

Note: Module 1 and 5 will be offered in the Fall of 2014.  Modules 2, 3, and 4 will be offered in the Spring 2015 and are now open for registration.

Program Highlights

  • Promoting primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention
  • Developing high performance systems
  • Stress, health and trauma
  • Collaborative care
  • Integrating health and behavioral health
  • Peer support and rehabilitation
  • Measuring organizational accountability
  • Managing change

Program Brochure

Download a program brochure by clicking here.

Continuing Education Units

  • 10 NASW-approved CEUs will be awarded for Module 1, offered in the Fall 2014.
  • 20 NASW CEUs will be awarded for Module 5, offered in the Fall 2014.
  • 20 NYSED-approved CEUs will be awarded for Module 2, offered in the Spring 2015.
  • 20 NYSED CEUs for Module 3
  • 10 NYSED CEUs for Module 4 (approval pending)

2014-15 Program Schedule

Module 1: The Affordable Care Act (Fall 2014)

Module consists of on-campus classroom and online sessions
  • September 15 (classroom)
  • September 22 (online)
  • September 29 (classroom)
  • October 6 (online)
  • October 13 (classroom)

Face-to-face meets 4-6pm

Online meets 4-5:30pm

Module 5: The ACA: Providing Leadership through Times of Change (Fall 2014)

Module consists of classroom and online sessions


  • October 20 (classroom)
  • October 27 (classroom)
  • November 3 (online)
  • November10 (classroom)
  • November17 (online)
  • November 24 (classroom)
  • December 1 (classroom)
  • December 8 (online)
  • December 15 (classroom)
  • December 22 (classroom)
Face-to-face meets 4-6:20pm

Online meets 4-5:30pm

Module 2: Social Determinants of Health (Spring 2015)

Module consists of classroom, online, and podcast sessions
  • February 2 (classroom)
  • Week of Feb 2 (online /podcast session)
  • Feb 9 (online)
  • Feb 16 (classroom)
  • Week of Feb 16 (online /podcast session)
  • Feb 23 (online)

Face-to-face meets 4-8:30pm

Online meets 4-5:30pm

Module 3: Person-Centered Care (Spring 2015)

Module consists of classroom and online sessions
  • March 2 (classroom)
  • March 11 (classroom)
  • March 16 (online)
  • March 25 (classroom)
  • March 30 (online)
  • April 1 (classroom)
  • April 6 (classroom)

Face-to-face meets 4-7:30pm

Online meets 4-5:30pm

Module 4: The ACA: Promoting Systems and Organizational Accountability

Module consists of classroom and online sessions
  • April 7 (classroom)
  • April 14 (online)
  • April 21 (classroom)
  • April 28 (online)
  • May 5th (classroom)

Face-to-face meets 4-6pm

Online meets 4-5:30pm

Apply Now Online

Applicants may apply to modules individually or in combination. All five modules must be taken to receive the certificate of completion.

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