“Eating Disorders: Introduction and Clinical Features”

This event is a part of the Office of Global and Lifelong Learning's Spring 2015 Seminar Series on Behavioral Disorders.

May 15, 2015
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
NYU Silver School of Social Work
1 Washington Square North, Parlor
This event will include a light breakfast.


Eating disorders are common conditions with potentially devastating consequences. Many clinicians feel uncomfortable screening for or diagnosing these disorders and many patients do not volunteer information that would be useful in their assessment and treatment. This course will provide information about diagnosis and common features of the major eating disorders and will inform the audience about the assessment and management of disordered eating behavior. Attendees should also leave with a better understanding of the behavioral and biological cycles that may serve to perpetuate disordered eating behavior.
Learning Goals:
1. Understanding of basic types of eating disordered behavior, ability to make diagnosis of an eating disorder
2. Increased knowledge of behaviors people with eating disorders may engage in and how to assess for these
3. Awareness of behavioral patterns some patients experience as “addictive” and factors that may perpetuate these cycles.


Diane Klein
Diane A. Klein, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry (Behavioral Health FGP), NYU Langone Medical Center
Diane Klein, MD, Director of Eating Disorders and Associate Professor of Psychiatry, oversees outpatient evaluations and treatment of patients with eating disorders at NYU Langone School of Medicine. She also coordinates teaching about eating disorders to residents in Psychiatry at NYU. Prior to joining NYU’s clinical faculty, she was a funded investigator on research faculty with Columbia University’s Eating Disorders Clinic for 10 years, examining behavioral features of eating disorders. She has over 12 years’ experience treating individuals with eating disordered behaviors including binge eating, restriction, purging, and excessive exercise.  Dr. Klein received her BA from Harvard University and her MD from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She completed psychiatry residency training at Johns Hopkins, and a Clinical Research Fellowship at Columbia University.
Practice Areas:
A. Depression
B. Affective & Anxiety Disorders
C. Bulimia
D. Binge Eating
E. Eating Disorders
F. Excessive Exercise
G. Anorexia
Selected Publications:
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