Psychopharmacology and Complementary Treatments Implications for Social Work Practice

April 26, 2011

This conference will cover a broad range of topics that bring together psychopharmacology and social work. Speakers will present on the psychopharmacology of the major drug categories, including their mechanisms of action. There will be a review of the most common drugs in use, their potential risks as well as their benefits. In the presentations, there will also be an exploration of common herbs, supplements, and nutritional management for which there is evidence of therapeutic efficacy. The potential toxicity of commonly used supplements will be reviewed. Speakers will address the common issues that arise in the referral process. Specifically, identifying the clients in need, taking into account the client–psycho pharmacologist fit; preparing the client for the necessity of the referral; and ongoing communication & collaboration. There will be afternoon breakout groups to discuss social work practice and the application of psychopharmacology with specific populations.


Morning Speakers

Michael Kenin, MD

Michael Kenin, MD
Practical Psychopharmacology for Non MDs

Michael Karen Hopenwasser, MD

Karen Hopenwasser, MD
Integrative Psychopharmacology: Evidence Based Use of Herbs, Supplements and Nutritional Management with and without Medication

Carol Tosone, PhD

Carol Tosone, PhD
Clinical Social Work Psychotherapists Collaborating with Psychiatrists and Psychopharmacologists: Identifying Client Need, Determining Therapeutic Fit, and Maintaining Open Communication

Afternoon Program

Brian Koehler, PhD

Brian Koehler, PhD
Keynote Speaker
Psychopharmacology: Brain, Mind and Culture. Antipsychotic Agents. Applications to Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorders, and Depression.


Psychopharmacology & Clinical Practice in the following fields (choice of one):

  • Substance Abuse, Lala Straussner, DSW
  • Children, Theresa Aiello, PhD; Tony Charuvastra, MD
  • Elderly, Amy Stern, LCSW; Ron Goralewicz, NPP
  • Anxiety Disorders and Trauma, Carol Tosone, PhD

The registration fee for this conference is $125. A 25% discount is available for alumni, field instructors and educational coordinators. NYU Silver MSW students may attend at a discounted rate of $40; MSW students enrolled at other schoo ls for $65. To register, please see the links below.