Translating Developmental Research into Clinical Practice

Conference Speakers

March 7, 2011

This all-day conference will focus on presenting state of the art research findings from a range of studies investigating attachment processes in adults and children with an emphasis on clinical work. A highlight of the morning's proceedings will be a report on the London Parent-Child Project, one of the world's major longitudinal studies of intergenerational patterns of attachment that spans nearly 20 years.

Video-film illustrations will be used to address the legacy of early attachments upon emotional and social well being (or lacks thereof) across time. This presentation will track the long-term influences of mothers and fathers upon their first-born child.

The second part of the presentation will focus on a unique study of the process of the developing attachment relationships between previously maltreated children and their new adoptive parents. Attachment representations of both mothers and fathers are assessed. Clinical implications will be discussed with a view on how to assess change and the impact of trauma in both parents and children.

The third presentation will focus on demonstrating the efficacy of an attachment-based intervention designed for working with high risk, multi-problem families. This intervention was specifically developed for an urban population of young parents, with childhood histories of foster care placement, physical and/or sexual abuse, parental substance abuse, parental mental health problems, incarceration and domestic violence who are at risk for child maltreatment.

This Conference has ample opportunities for audience questions and participation.

The registration fee for this conference is $125. A 25% discount is available for alumni, field instructors and educational coordinators. NYU Silver MSW students may attend at a discounted rate of $40; MSW students enrolled at other schools for $65.
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