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Office of the Dean

Office Phone: (212) 998-5959

Dr. James Jaccard, Interim Dean

Jenny Sobelman, Chief of Staff

Clara Rivera-Keita, Administrative Aide II

Amity Eills, Assistant to the Dean

Academic Affairs

Office Phone: (212) 998-5925

Dr. James I. Martin, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Director, MSW Program

David Privler, Administrative Aide II

Administrative Services

Office Phone: (212) 998-5950

Mark Callahan, Associate Dean, Administration & Finance
Evelyn Kleinbardt, MSW, Director of Administrative Services
William Li, Administrative Aide II
Amanda Lorencz, Administrative Aide I

Admissions & Enrollment Services

Office Phone: (212) 998-5910

Robert Sommo, Assistant Dean, Enrollment Services

Sheryl Goldfarb, Director, Enrollment Services

Carrie Prendergast, Assistant Director, Enrollment Services

Todd M. Thomas, Supervisor, Admissions Operations

Ikechi Nwankwo, Admissions Recruitment Specialist

Byron Cortes, Financial Aid Assistant

Olga Rivera, Administrative Aide II

Patricia McCarthy, Administrative Aide I

BS Program

Office Phone: (212) 998-5966

Dr. Robert Hawkins, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Program and Director, BS Program

Linda Lausel-Bryant, Director of Undergraduate Field Learning

Juan Iturralde, Administrative Aide II


Office Phone: (212) 998-5956

Laura Morrison, Associate Director, Communications

Kate Hogan, Graphic Designer

DSW Program

Dr. Carol Tosone, Director

Theresa Urcinoli, Program Administrator/Administrative Aide II

Faculty Resources

Niurvys Hechavarria, Faculty Resources Administrator

Kathleen Miller, Administrative Aide II

Theresa Urcinoli, Administrative Aide II

Tamela Sue, Administrative Aide II

Field Learning & Community Partnerships

Office Phone: (212) 998-5920

Dr. Peggy Morton, Assistant Dean, Field Learning and Community Partnerships

Virgen Luce, Clinical Associate Professor

Siu-Ping Ma, Clinical Associate Professor

Allison Aldrich, Clinical Assistant Professor

Kirk James, Clinical Assistant Professor

Nicholas Lanzieri, Clinical Assistant Professor

Anne Dempsey, Clinical Assistant Professor

Cora de Leon, Clinical Instructor

Deborah Manning, Associate Director, Data Assessment & Field Learning Operations

Tim Chan, Reporting Analyst

Janet Silverstein, Administrative Aide II

Aleksandra Necakov, Administrative Aide I

Information Technology

Office Phone: (212) 998-4340

Evan Silberman, Director

Henry Samelson, Educational Technology Specialist

Eddie Tan, Senior IT Support Specialist

Levi Goodridge, Network Technician

MSW Program

Office Phone: (212) 998-5925

Dr. James I. Martin, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Director, MSW Program

Takako Kono, Associate Director, MSW Program

Susan Egert, Coordinator, Extended Program & Extended OYR Programs

Dr. Mara Gottlieb, Academic Advisor

David Privler, Administrative Aide II

Office for Research

Office Phone: (212) 992-7550

Dr. Trudy Festinger, Associate Dean, Research

Andrew Davis, Director, Research Development & Planning

Office of Global & Lifelong Learning

Office Phone: (212) 998-5963

Benjamin Sher, Director

Stephanie Kaplan, Assistant Director

Jenna Adolph, Event Specialist

PhD Program

Office Phone: (212) 998-5941

Dr. Wen-Jui Han, Director

Genielle Salazar, Assistant Director

Student & Alumni Affairs

Courtney O'Mealley, Assistant Dean, Student & Alumni Affairs; Co-Director of Diversity & Social Justice Initiatives

Sonia Bhansali, Assistant Director, Student & Alumni Engagement

Harmony Matos, Program Administrator, Student & Alumni Engagement

Grace DeFino, Administrative Aide I


Curriculum Areas

Human Behavior

Dr. Diane Grodney, Chairperson

Tamela Sue, Administrative Aide I


Dr. Judith Siegel, Chairperson

Theresa Urcinoli, Administrative Aide II

Janet Silverstein, Administrative Aide I


Dr. Ellen Tuchman, Chairperson

Kathleen Miller, Administrative Aide II

Social Welfare Programs and Policies (SWPP)

Dr. Robert Hawkins, Chairperson

Tamela Sue, Administrative Aide I

Off Campus Sites

Rockland Campus

Office Phone: (845) 398-4129

Maryellen Noonan, Coordinator

Lori Landman, Field Coordinator

Loriana Aviles, Administrative Aide I

Westchester Campus

Office Phone: (914) 323-6021

Dr. Susan Gerbino, Coordinator

Cora de Leon, Assistant Coordinator

Nancy Rentel, Admissions Outreach Officer (SL & STAC)

Anita Botello Sontoyo, Administrative Aide I

NYU Shanghai

Dr. Qingwen Xu, Professor and Coordinator, global MSW Program at NYU Shanghai

Dr. Qian Xie, Coordinator of Field Education

Minchao Jin, Assistant Professor

Fanny Gutierrez-Meyers, Visiting Instructor

Joshua Paiz, Lecturer


Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health

Dr. Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, Co-Director

Dr. James Jaccard, Co-Director

Bernardo Gonzalez, Senior Research Scientist

Jane Lee, Research Scientist

Annie Ytterberg, Research Scientist

Alex “Chip” Bowman, Jr. Research Scientist

McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy & Research

Dr. Michael Lindsey, Director

Gary Parker, Deputy Director

Dr. Mary Acri, Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Peter Campanelli, Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Andrew Cleek, Senior Research Scientist

Richard Allen Embry, Senior Research Scientist

Daniel Ferris, Senior Research Scientist

Yvette Kelly, Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Mary McKay, Senior Research Scientist

James Rodriguez, Senior Research Scientist

Leslie Pena-Sullivan, Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Anthony Salerno, Senior Research Scientist

Sasha Stok, Senior Research Scientist

Boris Vilgorin, Senior Research Scientist

Angel Algarin, Research Scientist,

Ozge Sensoy Bahar, Research Scientist

Patricia Batista, Research Scientist

Geetanjali “Geeta” Chugh, Research Scientist

Kara Dean-Assael, Research Scientist

Zoila Del-Villar, Research Scientist

Lydia Franco, Research Scientist

Elene Garay, Research Scientist

Alex Gensemer, Research Scientist

Priya Gopalan, Research Scientist

Emily Hamovitch, Research Scientist

Aminda Heckman Chomanczuk, Research Scientist

Jayson Jones, Research Scientist

Evelyn Kleinbardt, Research Scientist

Anuradha “Ammu” Kowolik, Research Scientist

Dorthea "Dottie" Lebron, Research Scientist

Miles Martin, Research Scientist

Maria Mini, Research Scientist

Dr. Micaela Mercado, Research Scientist

Laura Morrison, Research Scientist

Aida Ortiz, Research Scientist

Angela Paulino, Research Scientist

Ervin Torres, Research Scientist

Laura Velez, Research Scientist

Janet Watson, Research Scientist

Amanda Alcantara, Junior Research Scientist

Lindsay Bornheimer, Junior Research Scientist

Kelly Conover, Junior Research Scientist

Briana Goncalves, Junior Research Scientist

Morgan McGuire, Junior Research Scientist

Hadiza Osuji, Junior Research Scientist

Giselle Pardo, Junior Research Scientist

Kassia Ringell, Junior Research Scientist

Chris Villatoro, Junior Research Scientist

Center on Violence and Recovery

Dr. Linda G. Mills, Executive Director

Briana Barocas, Director of Research

Danielle Emery, Director of Programs

ECNU-NYU Institute for Social Development

Dr. Wen-Jui Han, Co-Director


New York Recovery Center

Dr. Deborah Padgett, Director

Care Planning & Service Engagement

Dr. Victoria Stanhope

Mimi Choy-Brown

Cornerstone: Case Management & Peer Support for Youth

Dr. Michelle Munson

Intervention for Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders Leaving Treatment

Dr. Jennifer Manuel

Making Connections Intervention: Mental Health Treatment for Black Adolescents

Dr. Michael Lindsey