Teaching Seminar Series


The Teaching Seminar is designed to orient new instructors to the NYU SSSW learning environment and to provide a forum to further explore the practice of teaching and critically examine our own teaching.

Each session is organized around topics that instructors experience in the classroom and ones that most struggle with at one time or another. As the semester unfolds and issues arise in the classroom, we will shape the seminar together so that it best meets participants’ immediate teaching needs. New ideas and input are always welcome in this process. Participants are also encouraged to share their own ideas, articles, or books about teaching.

New adjunct faculty are strongly encouraged to attend the seminar series offered once a month throughout each semester.


Dr. Diane Mirabito, DSW, LCSW

Clinical Associate Professor of Social Work




For more information contact: silver.msw@nyu.edu / 212.998.5925