Hardware Support

General Guidelines

  • All computers, laptops, and mobile device (i.e. iPads) must be ordered through Silver IT, or been reviewed by Silver IT in advance, so support and compliance with purchasing policies can be determined. Purchases must be budget approved.
  • We only support computers that are purchased with university funds.
  • We only service computers at university offices.
  • We only support machines that are under warranty.
  • The primary computer of each full-time faculty and staff member is replaced on a on a warranty expiry basis.
  • Desktop printers are replaced on an as needed basis.
  • We only support smart phones purchased through ITS Mobile, and only support iPhone and Android phones.
  • Our goal is to respond to a request for service within one business day. If you have concerns about the quality of service provided, please contact silver.it@nyu.edu.
  • Silver IT fully supports both Mac and PC standard configurations.
General Guidelines

NYU Standard Computer Packages

iMac 27"   iMac 21.5"   MacBook Pro MacBook Air
27-inch 21.5-inch 13-inch 13-inch
3.2GHz, 1TB hard drive 3.1GHz, 1TB hard drive
2.7GHz, 128GB hard drive 1.6GHz, 128GB hard drive
Dell OptiPlex 9020 Dell Latitude E7440 Dell Ultra Notebook E7250
14-inch Monitor 14-inch 12-inch  
3.3 GHz, 500GB  2.1 GHz, 256 GB  2.3 GHz, 256GB     


Computer Life Circle

Computer Life Circle

Purchase of computers must be reviewed by Silver IT. Standard configurations are recommended and supported. Silver provides one client computer for every full-time faculty member and every full-time administrative position.

New computers will be installed by the appropriate Silver IT service contacts. Setup includes special software installation if it is appropriate for administrative or research use in the University, and if a licensed copy of the software can be produced. Specialized hardware, such as scanners or external hard drives will be installed upon request.

Faculty and administrators are responsible for their own backups using the appropriate NYU service (i.e. Google Drive, NYU Box), external hard drive, USB “keychain” drive, etc. In case of hard drive failure, Silver IT may attempt recovery via a third-party service provider. This is very expensive and there is no guarantee data will be recovered.

Requests for hardware upgrades should be made to silver.it@nyu.edu. Inquiries will be evaluated on case-by-case basis. Typical upgrades include increased memory, or a larger storage/higher capacity hard drive.

Any operational problem with the client machine should be reported to silver.it@nyu.edu. For hardware problems, the solution may be the installation of replacement parts provided under warranty. For network problems, the problem may be referred to the ITS Network group. For software problems, vendor supplied solutions may be attempted.

Silver School funded computers will be replaced on a warranty expiry cycle based on an annual hardware inventory review. Replacement machines will be one of the standard configurations by default.

Note: replacement is not guaranteed and requires departmental and or budget approval.