Grants Post Award

The Office for Research (OFR) provides a full array of post award services necessary to successfully conduct grant related research at NYU. Our aim is to work with you to identify the most efficient way to implement your project, including quick access to administrative services, assistance with reporting requirements, and responsible financial management. If you have received a grant award notice, you should contact the Office for Research, who will help you set up all of the relevant authorizations and accounts so that personnel can be hired, purchases can be made, and the grant funds can be put to work.

Space commitments for the research should have been addressed at the time of proposal submission with OFR and/or the Dean. However, it is useful to remind OFR of the space commitments that were made so that these can be acted on upon the awarding of the grant.

It is recommended that all newly funded investigators meet with Bruss Del Valle, who will provide an orientation to post award processes. Our goal is to minimize the paperwork you have to attend to so that you can focus on your research.

Post Award Process

Download a copy of the formal NYU Post Award Handbook. 

Budget Set Up and Review

  • To schedule an appointment with OFR staff to review your budget, please email

Progress Reports & Final Reports

  • The OFR will contact you 30 and 60 days before your progress or final report is due. 
  • For instructions on completing Research Performance Progress Reports and/or Final Reports, click here
  • Upon request, the OFR can provide sample reports.

Hiring Personnel

  • Download the following forms:

    Instructions on how to hire personnel and link to NYU's Appointment Review Form