NYU Internal Funding for Research

Research Assistantship Funding

Doctoral Program Assistantships

The doctoral program in the Silver School of Social Work routinely awards 20 hour per week research assistantships to students during their first two years of study. These students are assigned a faculty mentor, who then incorporates the student into his or her research program. If you are interested in participating in this program, contact the chair of the doctoral program, Victoria Stanhope.

The PhD doctoral program also encourages students to apply for external fellowships and assistantships through a variety of programs. For details, contact staff in the PhD doctoral program (learn more about the program).

Pilot/Seed Money Programs

There are multiple sources of pilot/seed money funding within NYU for social work related research. These include (a) the Dean's Upstream Research Seed Fund Program, (b) the SSSW Office for Research Seed Money Program, (c) the University Research Challenge Fund, and (d) the Humanities Initiative Grants-In-Aid program. View the general NYU Webpage describing campus-wide available research funds.


The Dean's Upstream Research Seed Fund aims to support early scientific activity that draws from prevention science and offers high promise of yielding new evidence-based prevention strategies that address concerns of the social work profession and those whom we serve.

The program will provide support for one or more early stage studies on an annual basis in order to “incubate” novel prevention strategies (along with their supporting evidence) that show strong promise of leading to subsequent extramural funding for testing and/or dissemination of an impactful and innovative strategy. The proposed research should advance scientific knowledge in the fields of social work and prevention science more generally and can be focused on a single outcome or a constellation of outcomes. Funding can be proposed to support an envisioned new line of prevention research, or to conduct new research as an offshoot/novel extension of an existing research study or studies.

Funds will be available for up to $25K per project, with some flexibility. The due date for application submission for round 3 of this funding mechanism is December 30, 2019,  with an earliest start date of January 27, 2020. Learn more about the details of the program.

The SSSW Office for Research Seed Money Program

The Silver School of Social Work (SSSW) Office for Research makes available each year research funds for faculty in the SSSW. The program provides funds for small-scale pilot research that facilitates the development of a faculty member’s research program. The proposal will be reviewed by a research advisory committee and the Office of the Associate Dean for Research in the SSSW. Maximum awards are typically $20,000. The due date for application submission is June 15, 2020, with an approval date of August 1, 2020 and the start date of September 1, 2020. View details of the program.

The University Research Challenge Fund

The University Research Challenge Fund is a campus-wide program for pilot/seed money for research. The program is administered by the University Research Challenge Fund Advisory Committee, composed of senior faculty reflecting a cross-section of disciplines at the University. The program was developed (a) to serve as an incentive for investigators to explore new areas of research that are likely to attract outside support and (b) to support those engaging in productive scholarship in areas where there are few sources of support. Most awards do not exceed $15,000. A few larger awards may be considered if there is compelling justification, with a maximum of $20,000. Applications are typically due in mid December. Read the details of the program.