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Professor Wen-Jui Han Launches Child Well-Being Study in Shanghai

June 19, 2014

Dr. Wen-Jui Han, a well-regarded American scholar at the NYU-ECNU Institute for Social Development at NYU Shanghai, recently launched a pilot study in Shanghai. The 2014 Child Well-Being Survey is an effort to collect national large-scale longitudinal data on socio-demographic characteristics, living arrangements, employment and work, and individual and family well-being in China. Dr. Han’s research pays particular attention to children in general and to children living in different contexts in particular. Particular focus is given to differences in socioeconomic status, differences between urban and rural areas, and differences between children with migrant and non-migrant parent(s).

Dr. Han started with a target sample size of 2,500 first-grade children who are currently attending elementary schools located in the Shanghai area. Information on children’s socio-demographic characteristics, well-being and school information is being collected from school principals, teachers, and parents. The ultimate goal is to implement this data collection effort not only nationwide in China but also across Asia to collect, compile, and analyze the contributing factors to children's well-being through a longitudinal lens.

Preliminary results of the 2014 Child Well-Being Survey will be presented during the International Forum on Social Policy and Social Development, June 28-29, 2014. Sponsored by the Institute, the Forum aims to provide a platform for scholars, stakeholders, and policy decision-makers around the world to present and exchange knowledge about the issues surrounding social policies and social development in Asia and the West.

Published by NYU Shanghai Public Affairs

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