Remarks from Tasha Kozak, Undergraduate Student Representative

Class of 2015 Convocation

Good afternoon students, friends, family, and faculty. My name is Tasha Kozak, and I am honored to speak on behalf of the undergraduate class of 2015. I spent a lot of time trying to come up with the perfect remarks to describe our experience at New York University. Everything that I wrote, however, seemed too formal and impersonal. So instead, here's a poem I wrote about our time at NYU.

Silver School of Social Work
We're finished there, at last
The place with the ancient elevator
Take the stairs, it's just as fast
We entered as a group,
Such a confused collective
So full of questions,
Like what's a strengths perspective?
Our final paper is how long?
Who is Jane Addams?
So many theories, you couldn't fathom
All our assigned readings,
Man, that wasn't a breeze
I bet in total we killed at least a million trees
Essays on essays,
Writing papers all day,
You definitely can't graduate without knowing APA
Learning about people and all the huddled masses
How did we survive those long three-hour classes?
Volunteering, meetings, and professional events
Buying all those Metro cards with our last couple of cents
So many hours at field,
We all know the struggle
But we kept the commitment,
Staying caring and humble
We are focused and engaged,
Using time as an investment
To learn the true meaning of words
Like empathy, respect, and assessment
Now let us give credit where credit is due
To our professors, we truly appreciate you
With the help of our faculty, family, and friends
Our heads are held high,
This chapter comes to an end
As we move on to more schooling,
Traveling and careers,
Moving forward to help others without any fear,
All of our efforts, time, and working late nights
Are paying off today with graduation in sight
I know we'll all excel as we leave the NYU scene
So a big congrats, class of 2015!

It is now my pleasure to introduce not only one of our favorite professors, but also the assistant dean and director of the bachelor's program, Dr. Robert Hawkins.

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