Aminda Heckman Chomanczuk

Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Rockland County campus

Areas of Expertise

Linguistically and Culturally Competent Social Work Practice and Education; Mental Health Services in Urban Communities; Integrated Primary and Behavioral Health; and Field Education


Aminda Heckman Chomanczuk is a Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor and Coordinator of NYU Silver's Rockland County campus. She received her PhD and MSW from Fordham University, and her BA from Ball State University.

Heckman Chomanczuk’s research interests are linguistically and culturally competent social work practice and education; mental health services in urban communities; and integrated primary and behavioral health. Her dissertation was entitled Bilingual Social Workers in New York City: A Comparative Study Exploring the Benefits Accrued from Bilingualism and the Challenges Encountered in Their Work.

Previously, Heckman Chomanczuk was a post-doctoral research fellow at the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research, and adjunct lecturer and field coordinator at NYU Silver. Prior to that, Dr. Heckman Chomanczuk was associate dean of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Mercy College, where she had previously served as Field Education Coordinator. Before that, she was Assistant Director of Field Education at Lehman College. Her clinical experience includes inpatient pediatric psychiatry and outpatient adult mental health and in 2007 she was recognized by the National Association of Social Workers, New York City Chapter with its Emerging Leader in Social Work award.