Ellen Tuchman

Associate Professor of Social Work
(212) 998-5915

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Tuchman has expertise in women’s substance abuse, health and mental health, with a focus on injecting drug using practices and HIV risk in urban resource-poor community on the Lower Eastside of New York City. In addition, she has expertise in the integration of evidence-based mental health practice for individuals with severe mental illness in classroom and field learning.


Dr. Ellen Tuchman is an associate professor and coordinator for the New York State Office of Mental Health’s Evidence-Based Practice Project at the Silver School of Social Work.  She received her master's, post-master's advanced certificate in clinical social work, and PhD from the New York University Silver School of Social Work. Dr. Tuchman is currently examining the social, contextual, and behavioral dimensions of injecting practices among female injecting drug users. Additional research interests include innovative interdisciplinary substance abuse treatments; gender differences in substance abuse; education among NYU students from medicine, dentistry, nursing, and social work about addiction and the fundamentals of clinical research; and the integrating of evidenced based mental health practices in the classroom curriculum and field education.

Dr. Tuchman is currently an investigator on the NIDA funded Substance Abuse Research Education and Training (SARET) Program, an innovative initiative to educate and spur interest among NYU students from medicine, dentistry, nursing, and social work about addiction and the fundamentals of clinical research. Participants engage in a series of interactive, content-rich web-based learning modules and are given opportunities to engage in stipend-supported summer-time or year-long research investigations with leading NYU substance abuse scientists across diverse disciplines.
Dr. Tuchman has been principal investigator of research studies on two interrelated areas: the NIH/NIDA Office-Based Methadone Prescribing study in which she developed, implemented, and evaluated a primary care substance abuse model of treatment and menopause, sexuality, and HIV risk-taking behaviors among midlife women in methadone treatment.

Dr. Tuchman is coordinator of the Evidence Based Mental Health Project at the New York University Silver School of Social Work. The Project seeks to prepare master’s-level social work students to enter a changing workforce that focuses on empirically validated treatments for individuals diagnosed with a serious mental illness. Through a specially designed project course curriculum and selected field placements, students participate in an integrated learning approach to evidence–based practices approved by the NYS OMH: Assertive Community Treatment, Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment, Family Psychoeducation, Wellness Self Management, and Supported Employment.

Before coming to the School she served as program manager for the NY State Department of Health Primary Care Initiative. Dr. Tuchman established a cooperative partnership to enhance the availability, accessibility, and coordination of primary medical care within methadone programs for the substance abuse population of lower Manhattan.  She has served on the planning committee for Healthy Women: A Mandate for Affordable Health Care for All, a symposium on Women's Health across the Life Span sponsored by Rekindling Reform and the Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service at New York University, and two mental health recovery conferences sponsored by the Silver School of Social Work.

Since joining the faculty in 2005, Dr. Tuchman's teaching has been across all three programs (undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral) and two curriculum areas (practice and research). She teaches Social Work Research, Program Evaluation, Evidence-Based Practice in Mental Health, Clinical Practice with Substance Abusing Individuals and Families, and Social and Behavioral Intervention Research. In collaboration with the Office of Alternative Breaks, Dr. Tuchman teaches an HIV/AIDS Education: Service Learning in Ghana course and a two-week service-learning trip in January.