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International Students

Pre-Orientation Webinar Series

1. Introduction to the NYU Office of Global Services
View the webinar here.

2. Housing in NYC
Register for the presentation here.

3. Field Learning
View the Powerpoint presentation here & Webinar here.

International Student Program Curriculum

International students admitted to the Two Year Program will follow the International Student Program Curriculum. Students will take Introduction to Social Work Education & Practice in the United States during their first semester and will delay Social Work Practice I/Field Instruction I until the Spring semester.

Students who wish to waive out of the International Student Program Curriculum should email MSW Program Services at

International students who are not following the International Student Program Curriculum should review the appropriate curriculum guide for their specific program.



  • Introduction to Social Work Education &  Practice in the United States (3)
  • Social Welfare Programs & Policies I (3)
  • Human Behavior in the Social Environment I (3)
  • Diversity, Racism, Oppression, and Privilege (3)


  • Social Work Practice I (4)
  • Field Instruction I (4)
  • Human Behavior in the Social Environment II (3)
  • Social Work Research I (3)


  • Social Work Practice II (3)
  • Field Instruction II (4)
  • Clinical Practice with Groups (3)
  • Social Work Practice III (3)
  • Field Instruction III (4)
  • Human Behavior in the Social Environment III (3)
  • Social Work Research II (3)
  • Elective (3)


  • Social Work Practice IV (3)
  • Field Instruction IV (4)
  • Advanced Social Policy (3)
  • Elective (3)

PLEASE NOTE: International students following the International Student Program Curriculum will remain in Field Instruction during their first summer semester. Students are expected to complete all Field Instruction hours and responsibilities and should arrange their travel plans accordingly.


  • Writing Center

The Writing Center is a free writing consultation program for all NYU students.

  • Proofreader Program

The Proofreader Program is a free proofreading services for international MSW students. Proofreaders will review drafts of students’ papers to improve clarity and ensure students follow the rules of standard written English.

  • APA Style Citation Workshops

The MSW Program offers 6 free APA Style Citation Workshops during the fall and spring semesters. Students are sent emails to RSVP. Students following the International Student Program receive an APA workshop during a class session.


  • English Conversation Groups for International Graduate Students

International students can practice their speaking skills in free weekly conversation groups.

  • Speaking Freely English Classes

Speaking Freely offers free 75-minute language coaching sessions for approximately ten weeks each semester. No books are required.


  • Librarian for International Students

Students can meet with Pamela Bloom to discuss research questions or ask advice on how to make use of Bobst Library resources for international students. Contact or 212-998-2618.

  • Librarian for Social Work

Students can make appointments with Arthur Tannenbaum to learn how to use social science databases. Contact or 212 998 2604.


  • Medical Services

Students with student health insurance are eligible for medical services and health promotion programs. Contact 212 443-1000 or visit the website.

  • Counseling Services

Students can meet with a psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, or nurse practitioner. Contact 212-998-4780 and or visit the website.

  • Consultations for Study Abroad

Many NYU students study abroad. Health and mental health services vary from country to country. Consults are recommended to clarify counseling and medication services that might be available abroad. Contact or visit the website.

International Halloween Party
International students celebrate Halloween!


When should I arrive in New York?
Your arrival will depend on your visa and housing circumstances. Please be sure you arrive in time to settle in and be fully prepared to participate in orientation activities on campus beginning Tuesday, August 25.

Who should I contact if I have problems obtaining a visa?
The NYU Office of Global Services is happy to assist students with visa questions.

NYU Silver Liaison
Sarah Willyard, International Student Advisor
561 LaGuardia Place, Floor 1
New York, NY US 10012
(212) 998-4706

How should I prepare for orientation and the beginning of school?
Throughout the summer, you will receive a series of emails that contain information and tasks to complete. Please be sure to read all of your emails carefully and refer any questions to

Point People

Mara Gottlieb, PhD, Academic Advisor, MSW Program

Functional areas: Waiver from International Student Program, International and New Student Orientations, American Language Institute referrals, academic advisement, Proofreading Program. Contact or 212-998-5919.

Virge Luce, Clinical Faculty, Field Learning

Functional areas: Field Instruction, faculty advisor and field instructor communication, Introduction to Social Work Practice in the U.S. course, professional behavior in agencies. Contact or 212-992-9716.

Courtney O’Mealley, Assistant Dean, Office of Student and Alumni Affairs

Functional areas: International and New Student Orientations, student activities including Chinese Student Support Group, hospitalizations, student grievances, student OMBUDS. Contact or 212-998-9189.

Takako Kono, Associate Director, MSW Program  

Functional areas: academic resources, academic advisement, leaves of absence, withdrawals. Contact or 212 998 5962.

Sarah Willyard, International Student Advisor, Office of Global Services

Functional areas: Immigration advising, paid employment/OPT or CPT, visa issues, I-20s, employment after completing the MSW Program. Contact or 212 998 4706.