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New Student Checklist

To prepare for your program, please read and complete the tasks on this checklist. Be sure to regularly check your NYU email account for important updates, deadlines, and next steps!

1. Complete Onboarding Essentials

Access NYU Home & NYU Email

NYUHome is an easy-to-use portal to many web-based services and tools, including e-mail, registering for classes, ALBERT, NYU Classes, web forums, free computer security software, NYU Libraries resources and more.

Financial Aid

Students who wish to be considered for federal, state or private financial aid, including loans, should complete the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The federal school code number for NYU is 002785. You can learn more about the Silver School's scholarship opportunities on the Financial Aid & Scholarships page.

Turn in Your Field Learning Forms

If you will enroll in a Field Instruction course during your first semester, please complete the First Year Field Placement Questionnaire on the Field Learning website. This does not apply to students, including most students in the Extended, Extended OYR, and 32 Month Programs, who will begin Field Instruction during a later semester.

Take Care of Immunizations

You must submit immunization records to University Health Services or be vaccinated by the beginning of the semester. Learn more.

Confirm Your Health Insurance Forms

Students who wish to change their automatic insurance enrollment must complete the online selection/waiver process via the Student Health Insurance website. Eligible students can waive NYU-sponsored insurance entirely via the Waiver website.

Arrange Housing

NYU provides housing assistance for both on-campus and off-campus housing to undergraduate and graduate students through "Living at NYU."

Update Local Address and Email

Throughout the year you will receive important communications, including billing statements, department and program updates, deadline information, course updates, and much more. You can update your address on ALBERT, which you access through NYUHome web portal.


2. Register for Courses

Submit Your Final, Official Transcript

If you have not already done so, please have your final official transcript from any school listed on your application that you have earned a degree, sent to the Admissions Office. It's a required part of your file and you will not be able to register for the second semester without it. For more details please view this pdf.

Register for Courses

You can learn how to register for classes by viewing the ALBERT tutorial. After watching the tutorial, visit the New Student Registration page to find which courses to take, when to register, and other important information.

Apply for Advance and/or Waiver Credit

If you have taken a graduate-level social work course at another institution, you may be eligible to receive credit towards the Master of Social Work degree. Please consult this form for further details.

Review Your Bill with the Bursar

After your financial aid has been awarded, you will receive an electronic bill for the remaining tuition and fees. You can view your bill online.


3. Prepare for Orientation

Pick Up An ID Card

An NYU Card serves as your student identification, your access to NYU buildings, your Campus Cash card, and also will get you a discount at many local businesses. In addition, you will find your student ID number and your NetID on the back of the card. For instructions on how to get a card, visit the NYU Card website.

Get An APA Manual

You will be required to write all of your papers using APA style. It’s best to familiarize yourself with it sooner rather than later. You can find the current edition in the NYU Bookstore or at the library.

Get Ready for Orientation

Visit the Orientation & Events page to learn about the Orientation events that will welcome you to the Silver School community! International students should plan to attend the International Student Orientation in addition to the New Student Orientation.