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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to attend orientation?

Yes, orientation is required for all new MSW students. If you cannot attend orientation due to an emergency, please email

I am a non-matriculated student at NYU Silver. Do I have to attend orientation?

Non-matriculating students are not required to attend orientation.

When is New Student Orientation?

MSW Orientation will take place on Tuesday, August 29th for International students, and on Wednesday, August 30th for all new MSW and gMSW students in New York. By Thursday, August 31st, all new students should be at their home campuses.

Undergraduate Student Orientation will take place on Tuesday, August 29 through Thursday, August 31st.

Please check back for Shanghai new student orientation dates. 

Is there anything I need to prepare for Orientation or bring with me?

If you would like to take notes, please bring pen, paper, tablet, etc. We will provide you with the complete schedule of activities via email prior to your arrival. Please dress comfortably. 

Where is Orientation being held?

Sessions will take place at 1 Washington Square North, the NYU Kimmel Center, and various other classrooms around campus.

I am from the Rockland or Westchester campus. Do I have to come to Orientation at 1 Washington Square North?

Yes, Rockland and Westchester students are required to come to the Washington Square campus on Wednesday, however Thursday’s Orientation events will be held at the branch campuses.

Where can I get my NYU ID?

Incoming students can submit their photo online ( then pick them up at the Public Safety Office at 7 Washington Place (Google Map) on Mercer Street 2 days later.

Alternatively, students can get their picture taken at the Public Safety Office and pick up their ID immediately. Expect some wait time during the first few weeks of the semester.

How can I join the “NYU Silver New MSW Students” Facebook group?

To request access to the group, please fill out the form here. NYU Silver Admissions will ensure that you are a new student then add you to the group.

You can access the group directly here: however it is a private, secret group and may not show up.

When is the first day of classes?

The first day of classes is Tuesday, September 5th.

When does my Field Placement start?

All entering, full time students (TWOY, ASOS, TRFR) begin their field placement on September 11th. Note that new Extended and OYR students do not begin Field in their first year. Extended and OYR students in their 2nd year (entering Field in the Fall) begin field on September 11th as well.

I have not heard about my field placement yet. Should I be worried?

While many students have already heard about their internships for the Fall, some students may find that they are still not placed.

If you have not heard about your field placement, please contact the Field Learning office at or call (212) 998-5920.

I am a new PhD or DSW student. Where can I get more information about orientation?

Orientation for PhD and DSW students is still being finalized. Please email or for more information.

All new Undergraduate and MSW students are invited to attend the mandatory orientation. Please click here for dates based on campus and program. 

For additional questions please contact NYU Silver Student affairs at 212-998-5926 or