Your program manual is an excellent resource for information about academic and community standards. Student forms, including the Incomplete Grade Request form, can be found in the Appendix of the MSW Student Manual.


Academic Advisement

Academic advisement is provided to all students throughout their school attendance. Students are expected to review the curriculum guide [PDF] and consult with an academic advisor for additional guidance.

Field Advisement

During the Field practicum, the faculty advisor serves as the student’s as well as the School’s liaison to the field agency. Faculty advisors are assigned by the Assistant Dean of Field Learning. Part-time students, prior to the practicum and during any hiatus between practicum years will be assigned to the coordinator, Extended and OYR program, for advisement. 

  • Two-Year Students: The instructor assigned to your Field Instruction I - IV courses.
  • Advanced Standing Students: The instructor assigned to your Field Instruction III - IV courses.
  • 16-Month Students: The instructor assigned to your Field Instruction I - IV courses.
  • Extended Students: The instructor assigned to your Field Instruction I - IV courses.
  • OYR Students: The instructor assigned to your Field Instruction OYR-A - OYR-B courses.
  • 32-Month Students: The instructor assigned to your Field Instruction 32MO I - VI courses.


NYU Silver students receive an individual academic advisement session with the undergraduate program director that precedes registration each semester. This is a time for you to discuss your long-term academic plans as well as specific course selections for that semester. These individual meetings with the undergraduate director also involve a review of your academic standing and where you need to obtain required clearance to enroll in classes for the upcoming term.

Staff & Contact Information

Robert Hawkins


Track your degree progress in NYU Albert. To do so, go to Albert’s “Records” menu and check both the “Unofficial Transcript” and “Degree Progress Report” to find out your total credits, grade point average, and the status of your degree requirements.


At the end of each semester, students receive an email with instructions on how to evaluate their courses.


Getting your NYU Net ID
Setting up your NYU e-mail address
About NYU Home

Registered students can obtain an NYU ID at the NYUCard Center located at 383 Lafayette Street. You must bring proof of identification (i.e. State Drivers License, State Photo ID, or Passport).

Students awaiting registration may be provided with a temporary card.


One of the largest open-stack libraries in the nation.
Librarians in the Social Science Center, located on the seventh floor of Bobst, will offer information and assistance. They can be reached at 212-998-2600. Many of the materials assigned for social work course readings are in the Reserve Reading Room, on the lower level. Most of the literature pertinent to social work is located on the eighth and ninth floors. The libraries at the NYU Medical Center and the Law School also have many journals that are useful to social workers.

70 Washington Square South
Phone: (212) 998-2505