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Field Instruction

Field Instruction: Fall 2018 First-Time Students

For Two-Year Students:

  1. Enroll in a section of Social Work Practice I MSWPF-GS 2001.
  2. Register for the corresponding section of Field Instruction I MSWFD-GS 2100. For example, if you are in section MSWPF-GS 2001.001 of Practice I, you should register for section MSWFD-GS 2100.001 of Field I.

For Advanced Standing Students:

  1. ASOS students need to enroll in one of the following Social Work Practice III MSWAC-GS 2003 sections below:
  2.   Section #         Albert #     
           001       5331
           010       5408
           020       5416
           030      23513
           040      19208
  3. For Field Instruction III MSWFD-GS 2300, you need to register for section 002 (Albert #5233)