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New Student Registration

Congratulations on your acceptance to the MSW Program. The following information is designed to make your registration process as simple as possible.


  • Activate your NYUHome account. Be sure to update Emergency Contact information. 
  • Review the curriculum guide to see which courses to take.
  • Arrange a schedule by looking up the times and days courses are offered on Albert, which is accessible through NYUHome. 
    • You should arrange several alternative schedules in case you are unable to enroll in your first-choice course(s). 
    • Students enrolling in Field Instruction must schedule all courses on 2 mid-week business days (ie., choose 2 days among Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). 
    • Full-time students will be in Field Instruction for 21 hours per week and are expected to make themselves available to complete all Field hours.
  • Registration is entirely online so familiarize yourself with Albert.


  • Use the CLASS NUMBER listed on the COURSE STATUS page to register on the Register screen.
  • Confirm your schedule using the STUDENT SCHEDULE option on ALBERT.
  • If you are closed out of your first-choice section of a course when you register, use the SWAP function in Albert to sign up for an open section as soon as possible, and then add yourself to the waitlist for your first-choice section. Please note that students are responsible for using the SWAP function correctly in order to preserve your place on a waitlist.


  • New students in the Two Year, Advanced Standing, and MSW/EMPA programs should register for Field Instruction (21 hours per week) in the fall semester. New students in the Extended, OYR, 32 Month, ISP, MSW/MPH, and MSW/JD programs should not register for Field Instruction in the fall semester. Review the curriculum guide to see when you should register in Field Instruction. 

Field Instruction: Fall 2017 New Students

Two Year Students going into Social Work Practice I & Field Instruction I:

  • Both sections of Social Work Practice I (MSWPF-GS 2001) and Field Instruction I (MSWFD-GS 2100) must coincide with each other, eg: 

Advanced Standing Students going into Social Work Practice III & Field Instruction III:

  • Both sections Social Work Practice III (MSWAC-GS 2002) and Field Instruction III (MSWFD-GS 2300) must coincide with each other.
  • Advanced Standing students must register for specific sections specialized for them.
  Social Work Practice III  
    Field Instruction III     
Section 001 - Class# 5323

Section 001 - Class# 5229

Section 010 - Class# 5331 Section 010 - Class# 5231
Section 030 - Class# 5499 Section 030 - Class# 5510 
Section 040 - Class# 5514 Section 040 - Class# 5525
student in library


Fall 2017

  • April 25, 2017: New Advanced Standing/Transfer student registration beings.
  • May 8, 2017: New Two-Year/Extended/32-Month/OYR Student registration begins.
  • September 5, 2017: Fall classes begins.
  • September 18, 2017: End of Fall add/drop period with 100% refund of tuition & fees.

How to Use Albert

The Albert Student Center is a "one-stop shop" for a student's self-service needs in terms of academic records.

Before Albert Student Center is activated you can search for a list of courses offered each semester on Albert Course Search.  

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