Silver Strong

What is Silver Strong?

Silver Strong (formerly @SilverCPD) is a social work career skills and practices program hosted on NYUClasses that provides MSW students with the tools needed to manage their professional development. Here students can find modules and resources for exploring interests and topics such as building your resume, licensing, and mastering the job search.

Specifically, the program aims to:

  • Provide a framework for career planning, from exploring interests to developing a career vision
  • Teach students the skills needed to compete effectively in the job market
  • Facilitate professional networking among students, alumni, and faculty.

After completing the Silver Strong modules, students will be equipped with the skills, knowledge, and network needed to manage their short-term job search as well as their long-term career goals.

Silver Strong Topics

  • Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Preparing for Advanced Concentration Field Placements
  • Exploring Non-Traditional Career Paths
  • Social Networking for Professional Purposes
  • Networking
  • The Job Search
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Licensure
  • Continuing Education

Join In!

The Silver Strong Program is open to all current MSW students. To access program, log into NYU Classes and click on the Silver Strong tab.

If you are an active MSW student and you do not have "Silver Strong" as a site option, email