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2018 Social Justice and Diversity Grant Conference

Walking the Talk: Direct Practice Through a Social Justice Lens

Friday, April 13, 2018 | 8:30am-4:30pm

NYU Wasserman Center
133 East 13th St., 2nd Floor

Featured Presenters

Gabbie Green

Gabbie Green

The Privilege of Representation

Sondra Morishima and Hân Nguyễn

Sondra Morishima
and Hân Nguyễn

Asian/Americans: Experiences of Erasure and Reckoning with Anti-Blackness in Direct Practice

Lisa Schlosberg

Lisa Schlosberg

How Losing 150 Pounds Taught Me About Mental Health

Nikki Vega

Nikki Vega

Beyond the Binary: A Brief Guide to Gender

Mia Wilson

Mia Wilson

A Walk in My Father's Shoes


Cynthia Castillo

Overcoming Language and Cultural Barriers: A Look at Effective Group Model "Si, Yo Puedo" for Working with Latina Immigrant Survivors of Domestic Violence

Alex Cooke


Let’s Talk About Sex: The Power of Sex Positivity at 3 Levels of Social Work

Alexis Connolly


Reimagining Re-entry to Reduce Recidivism: Discharge Planning at Rikers Island

Fantasia Cordero


Social Workers Needed to Advocate for Forgotten Survivors

Hali Riley


Language Stigmatization: Implications for Holistic Social Work

Luisa Lopez & Jasmine Mason


Racial Imposter Syndrome: Who Am I Today?

Talia Tiffany

The Right to Self-Determination as a Framework for Direct Practice with Gender Expansive Clients

Free of charge to all NYU Silver students

Must get permission from your field placement if you plan to attend

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided

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About NYU Silver's Social Justice and Diversity Grant

NYU Silver Social Justice and Diversity Grant logo

Established in 2012, NYU Silver's Social Justice and Diversity Grant fosters student-designed programs that address a diverse set of local, national, and international social justice issues in social work.

The goals of the grant are to:

  • Support and encourage events that lead to the development of socially just communities
  • Encourage a commitment to cultural humility, social diversity, and inclusion
  • Facilitate the review of personal values and beliefs that may influence decision-making
  • Promote self awareness to eliminate biases in professional practice

For the first four years of the Social Justice and Diversity Grant, NYU Silver held a "Grant Challenge" in which students competed for funding for programs related to the goals of the grant that they designed, promoted and implemented. In the 2016-17 Academic Year, NYU Silver instead held its first-ever, student-to-student Social Justice and Diversity Grant Conference with the theme "Walking the Talk: Bringing Social Justice and Diversity to Direct Practice."

Quick facts on the evolution of the Social Justice and Diversity Grant program from a challenge to a conference.

What People are Saying about NYU Silver's First Social Justice and Diversity Grant-funded Conference:

"It was a fantastic event! I am looking forward to attending next year's conference."

"While each presentation had a ‘clinical’ frame at times, these were largely focused on non-pathologizing/non-medicalized ways to forward justice in practice."

"Personal stories. Inspiring stories. Unique approaches to traumatized people."

"The cultural and experiential diversity of the presenters was great. I feel like I learned a lot and had my assumptions/opinions challenged by the presentations and by those at my table during discussions."

"I loved that the conference was made up of presentations by students. It felt like more of a conversation rather than being taught."

"As a first-year student, I was encouraged deeply by seeing these six students standing on the stage provided by my own school. This is a good demonstration and practice opportunity for MSW students."

"I love the fact that the sessions were led by my fellow students. It really gave an approachability to the material and made me more excited about the ways that my generation is contributing to this cause."

2018 Social Justice and Diversity Grant Conference Selection Committee

We would like to thank the members of the 2018 Social Justice and Diversity Grant Conference Selection Committee for the time and expertise they have devoted to choosing among the many excellent program submissions: