NYU Silver School of Social Work

Connie and Marty Silver standing next to the NYU Silver plaque wearing academic regalia

Constance and Martin Silver’s gift will allow us to leverage data science to achieve transformational social impact.

Dean Neil B. Guterman
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The Silvers’ generous and visionary gift advances a new dimension in social work education and research.

NYU President Andrew Hamilton

Finding Her Path to Social Work

After achieving success at one of the world’s leading advertising agencies, Stacey Klinger Schiff planned to pursue her lifelong goal of becoming a mental health provider. While volunteering under clinical supervision from an LMSW at an agency providing trauma-informed counseling to survivors of sexual abuse and intimate partner violence, Stacey realized that social work, with its commitment to cultural competence, social justice, and a strengths-based approach, was the right path for her. She has now earned her MSW and been named the New York State Society for Clinical Social Work, Rockland Chapter’s 2021 NYU Student of the Year.

Stacey Klinger Schiff headshot
Stacey Klinger Schiff
MSW ’21
NYU Silver Rockland County Campus

Bringing a Social Work Lens to Policy Spaces

As Director of Digital Media for Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, Luisa Lopez helps keep 8.7 million borough residents informed about local developments and brings her social work perspective to rooms where policy is made. She is also President of the Latino Social Work Coalition and Scholarship Fund, among many other volunteer endeavors. She recently gave the keynote address at the annual Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy Student Advocacy Day ‒ which she first attended as an NYU Silver representative back in 2017 ‒ and inspired a new cohort of social work students to make systems-level change.

Luisa Lopez, MSW ’18
Luisa Lopez
MSW ’18
Director of Digital Media for Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer

Facts & Figures

U.S. News & World Report ranking for Best Grad Schools for Social Work
Placement agencies in our network
Faculty inducted into the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare
MSW grads employed or continuing education six months post-graduation
Hours of service our students provide to vulnerable individuals and families each year
Campuses in the U.S. and China
Full- and part-time pathways to the MSW
Alums who have elevated lives

Advancing Social Justice

While earning his degree at Silver, Michael Sanders (front row center), MSW ’19—father, army veteran, and entrepreneur—was the vice president of the NYU Military Alliance, an NYU Social Sector Leadership Diversity Fellow, a Silver Student Leadership Council Fellow, a member of the Students of Color Collective, and one of two students on the School’s Social Justice Praxis Committee. Michael, who is now a Social Service Advocate at the Committee for Public Counsel Services in Boston, observed, “Being a social worker means fighting for social justice and never forgetting our responsibility to our clients, to ourselves, and to society as a whole.”

Pioneering Research & Evidence-Based Solutions

The Silver School Faculty is Examining Society’s Pressing Problems.

Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on Child Welfare-Involved Families

The communities that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 are the same ones disproportionately involved with the child welfare system. Associate Professor Darcey Merritt is studying the challenges and barriers the pandemic has posed for these vulnerable families as well the caseworkers who deliver services to them.

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Shaping the Future of Work

McSilver Associate Professor in Poverty Studies and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Robert L. Hawkins has considerable expertise in domestic and international poverty and welfare, social capital use and development, community participatory research, and race and social policy. He was selected to participate in a working group funded by the European Commission that is comprised of 30 senior American and European policymakers, academics, trade union representatives, and civil society leaders to exchange views and best practices on the future of work, with a focus on labor market change and social protection policies.

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