NYU Silver School of Social Work

A student in an New York University sweatshirt stands on the steps to the Silver School speaking to another student sitting on the handrail.

My experience at NYU prepared me to take on the superhero job of being a social worker.

Mosaka Harris, MSW ’19
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In New York City, every block is an opportunity for learning.

Kirk Cooper-Johnson, BS ’17
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Every single professor has been willing to put extra time into helping me. The support here is amazing.

Daniel Baslock, PhD Student
Students stand outside in a line holding umbrellas and signs with social justice messages

Silver's demonstrated commitment to pursuing social justice aligns directly with my experience and efforts.

Solimar Santiago-Warner, DSW ’22

Fostering Collaboration between Medical Professionals and Social Workers in Shanghai

Regina Wu, MSW ’23, is a Los Angeles native who is in the first year of our MSW Program at Shanghai and New York. In their field placement at Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, Regina did research in English-language journals on best practices for transgender and intersex care, which they translated into Chinese and presented to doctors and nurses from the hospital’s department of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Regina’s presentation helped spur the doctors’ and nurses’ interest in involving social workers in support for patients and their families, resulting in better collaboration between the medical team and social workers and improved gender-affirming care for patients.

Regina Wu wearing a lab coat and presenting in front of a large wall mounted screen with Chinese text displayed
Regina Wu
MSW ’23
MSW Program at Shanghai and New York

Creating Partnerships to Enhance the Health and Well-being of Bedford Stuyvesant Families

As a Community Organizer at Bedford Stuyvesant Community Partnership Program, Ebonee Mears both creates strong partnerships with organizations serving the community and connects families in the community to the resources and services partner organizations provide. Said Ebonee, “I think I’ve been able to combine micro and macro in this job because of the strong clinical training I got at Silver as well as the close connections I made with some of the professors who were doing macro work and encouraged me to pursue opportunities that felt right for me.”

Ebonee Mears headshot
Ebonee Mears
MSW ’20
Community Organizer, Bedford Stuyvesant Community Partnership Program

Facts & Figures

U.S. News & World Report ranking for Best Grad Schools for Social Work
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Advancing Social Justice

While earning his degree at Silver, Michael Sanders (front row center), MSW ’19—father, army veteran, and entrepreneur—was the vice president of the NYU Military Alliance, an NYU Social Sector Leadership Diversity Fellow, a Silver Student Leadership Council Fellow, a member of the Students of Color Collective, and one of two students on the School’s Social Justice Praxis Committee. Michael, who is now a Social Service Advocate at the Committee for Public Counsel Services in Boston, observed, “Being a social worker means fighting for social justice and never forgetting our responsibility to our clients, to ourselves, and to society as a whole.”

Pioneering Research & Evidence-Based Solutions

The Silver School Faculty is Examining Society’s Pressing Problems.

Optimizing an Intervention to Support COVID-19 Testing in Vulnerable Populations

Among those at highest risk for exposure to COVID-19 is the large population of frontline essential workers in lower status occupations, in which Black and Latino people are overrepresented. These workers, however, experience serious multi-level impediments to COVID-19 testing. As part of the National Institutes of Health’s RADx® initiative, a multidisciplinary research team led by Professor and Associate Dean for Research Marya Gwadz is using an engineering-inspired framework called the multiphase optimization strategy (MOST) to optimize an intervention to increase regular COVID-19 testing for these workers.

Photo of an open COVID-19 self-test on a wooden table with a hand holding the test's swab above the test's solution

Inspiring Young Adults with Mental Health Challenges in to Engage in Care

Professor Michelle R. Munson has made it her mission to help the mental health system better respond to marginalized young adults whose mental health challenges, if left untreated, impede their ability to form relationships, hold jobs, live independently, and function well in society.

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