Degrees Without Limits

Social work is one of the most rewarding, impactful, and versatile disciplines. 

With its focus on working with people in their environment, within complex systems, and often in crisis situations, social work students develop skills in areas including counseling, communication, research, policy analysis, and leadership that are pertinent and powerful in a wide range of positions and settings.

In almost any profession, you will find a social worker; there is no limit to what we can do.


Kelsey Louie standing in a circle of seated students in a classroom speaking with his arms and hands uplifted
Kelsey Louie
MSW ’01
Chief Executive Officer, The Door and Broome Street Academy

Follow Your Own Path

Many NYU Silver graduates go on to traditional social work careers, providing direct, clinical services in settings including schools, hospitals, mental health clinics, treatment facilities, community courts, nursing homes, and in a vast array of social services agencies and not for profit organizations serving marginalized and vulnerable populations. Others pursue macro practice at the organizational and systems level, in areas including program development and management, policy analysis, research, program evaluation, and executive leadership. Some take the skills they have developed through their social work training and become lawyers, doctors, financial advisors, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and even elected officials.

Yasmeen Hamza headshot
Nonprofit Executive

MSW ’05
CEO, Womankind

Autumn Bush headshot
University Administrator

MSW ’14/DSW ’25
Senior Program Administrator, NYU Center for Faculty Advancement

Jonathan Coico sits in a common room with a small group seated in the distance behind him
Susbstance Use Specialist

MSW ’19
Transitional Living Program Clinician, Silver Hill Hospital

Alyssa Petersel headshot
Mental Health Entrepreneur

MSW ’17
Founder and CEO, MyWellbeing

Prerna Menon headshot
Behavioral Health Provider

MSW ’18
Collaborative Care Social Worker, Lincoln Hospital


Katherine Compitus
Professor and Animal Assisted Therapist

MSW ’09/DSW ’20
Clinical Assistant Professor, NYU Silver

Andy Sim leans in front of a window, muli-striped button-down shirt in shades of blue and a blue zip-up vest
Palliative Care Social Worker

MSW ’13
Principal Medical Social Worker, Singapore General Hospital

Chris Gates is outside hugging one young child as two others stand around him
Global Foundation Director

BS ’09
Executive Director, Mainsprings

Mathylde Frontus stands in a black wool coat on the Coney Island boardwalk with amusement park flags, pinwheels and characters on top of buildings in the background
Elected Official

BS ’98, MSW ’99
Former New York State Assemblymember

Silver has prepared me for a multidimensional career by making me increasingly aware of the social, economic, and political disparities that plague our country and teaching me to consider every single contributing factor when searching for the ideal ways to help people overcome them.

Brianna Moreno, BS ’20

Educating Future Social Workers