Faculty as Mentors

NYU Silver’s faculty are leading scholars and practitioners who are accessible to students at all levels, challenging them academically, encouraging them to reach their goals, and supporting them along their professional paths. The School’s educational philosophy, program structures, and physical settings across our campuses promote interaction between students and faculty within and beyond the classroom.

Assistant Professor Kathrine Sullivan teaching a class

Partnering to Promote Health and Resilience

Iris Wang, BS ’18/MSW ’19

Mentor: Robert L. Hawkins, McSilver Associate Professor in Poverty Studies and Assistant Dean and Director of the Undergraduate Program

The Project
In her junior year, Iris worked with Dr. Hawkins to develop and implement the Women’s Health, Well-being, and Resilience Project in partnership with women in a poor, rural community in the Philippines.

The Impact
As a result of the collaboration, the local community established an ongoing women’s health group to share information and resources about health, domestic violence, and being resilient with few resources.

Iris Wang, BS ’18/MSW '19
Iris Wang
BS '18/MSW '19

Dr. Peggy Morton was one of my professors in the MSW program and she has always encouraged me to stay in touch. She is the reason I was a Field supervisor for NYU Silver MSW students for many years, and she is the reason I became an adjunct faculty member and continue to teach at the school to this day. She has been a great source of support for me since my MSW days.

Lena Green, MSW ’01, DSW ’18

Fostering the Ambitions of Emerging Scholars

Nominated by mentees Mimi Choy-Brown, PhD ’18, and Kendall Atterbury, PhD ’20, Associate Professor Victoria Stanhope was honored by the Mentor Recognition Fund of the Council on Social Work Education’s Women’s Council. “Dr. Stanhope consistently fosters the efforts and ambitions of women just beginning their academic careers in social work,” wrote Mimi and Kendall. “Her thoughtful support, emphasis on process, critical eye, and intellectual openness provide the room for emerging female scholars to develop into independent and critical scholars.”

Victoria Stanhope
Victoria Stanhope
Associate Professor; Director, PhD Program