Students as Leaders

Our nearly two-dozen student councils, affinity organizations, and interest groups provide students with opportunities to pursue leadership, meet like-minded peers, enhance professional development, engage in community organizing, and take collective action.  

Angie Kim welcoming a new class of the Silver Student Leadership Council

As part of the Student Leadership Council, I was able to deepen my connections within the Silver community with peers who are passionate about not only leading, but also cultivating community as we welcomed a new cohort of Silver graduate students.

Naomi Pharr, MSW ’21

A Network of Support during Orientation and Beyond

Meet members of our 2020-21 Student Leadership Council (SLC), who welcomed new students from 19 time zones during our Fall 2020 virtual MSW Orientation. The mission of the council is to provide pathways to inclusive student leadership development and open doors to the many professional, academic, and personal growth opportunities afforded by NYU Silver. Throughout the year, SLC members coordinate programs, moderate panels, serve as informal advisors and mentors to first year students, and do much more to inspire and create bonds across the community.

Faces of 2020-21 Student Leadership Council members in a Zoom grid

Being a student leader at Silver was not only a journey to make the unheard voices heard, but a journey to cultivate communities that support each other and overcome the difficulties together.

Baiyang Li, MSW ’21

The Next Generation of Nonprofit and Public Sector Leadership

Through specialized educational initiatives like our Adaptive Leadership Fellowship and Macro Practice in Organizations Focused Learning Opportunity, we are training students to exercise leadership in their fieldwork and assume leadership positions in their professional careers.

2019 MSW Adaptive Leadership Fellows
2019 MSW Adaptive Leadership Fellows

Helping to build the Trans + Queer = Collective has allowed me to find safety, validation, and support at Silver...Being involved in student groups has been a sustaining and grounding force throughout my MSW program.

Kelly Ancharski, MSW ’20

Fostering Community While Facilitating Professional Growth

As a Graduate Student Association First Year Representative, Ashma Luitel, MSW '21, helped organize Silver Community Day for her peers. The day-long, student-led professional development event, which was formerly known as "Common Day," was renamed "Community Day" in 2020. "Community brings people together," Ashma explained. "It fosters connection, it facilitates growing together. That was our intention."

Ashma Luitel
Ashma Luitel
MSW ’21