Jane Eisner Bram

Jane Bram
MSW '79, PhD '00

“I am most grateful to NYU School of Social Work, which changed my life and, afforded me the opportunity to do what I always dreamed of doing.”

Jane Eisner Bram, a Silver School of Social Work alumna and a New York University trustee, graduated from NYU’s undergraduate program with a dual degree in psychology and sociology. She returned in 1977, after her three children were teenagers, for her MSW. After graduating, she started a successful private practice, where she treated individuals and couples in psychotherapy. She returned to the School of Social Work a third time in 2000 to earn a PhD.

“I was so ready to come back to NYU and immerse myself in furthering my education and my career,” she said. “Around that time, I picked up my high school yearbook. Under my senior picture was listed ‘social worker’ for career ambition. I was surprised. I’d forgotten that this was always something I wanted to do.”

In addition to her private practice, Bram is an NYU trustee and member of the Dean’s Council at the Silver School. Her support of the University and the School has been invaluable. A major gift from Eisner Bram founded the William B. and Jane Eisner Bram Fund for Faculty Excellence. Gifts in the early 1990s helped establish the School in its current location of 1 Washington Square North, in thanks for which 2 Washington Square North—one of the three townhouses the School occupies—was named the Jane Eisner and William B. Bram House.

“When I returned to study for my MSW, and my PhD, I was deeply impressed by the dedication and intelligence of my professors. Theresa Aiello, Jeffrey Seinfeld, George Frank, just to name a few, were absolutely wonderful. They brought a deep knowledge of clinical skills, but also opened our minds as students to other bodies of knowledge—from history to English to philosophy—that related to our practice,” she explained. “I know students today are still benefitting from this excellent instruction. This makes me very happy and proud to support the School of Social Work.”

Bram has pledged another significant gift in honor of the School’s 50th Anniversary, of which 100 percent will be used for student scholarship.

“The students who go into this field are caring, intelligent, passionate and hardworking… they should be able to attend NYU without a serious financial burden. I want NYU to continue to attract the best students, and of course money is a part of that.” She continued, “The most qualified students should come to NYU because they know they will receive superb training here, and they need to have the financial freedom to make that decision. Scholarship is an important part of the whole process.”