The mission of the Silver School of Social Work at New York University is to educate professionals in a global perspective for social work practice with individuals, families, groups, and communities and to provide leadership in the development of knowledge relevant to social work practice in complex urban environments.

The School seeks to fulfill its mission by building and transmitting knowledge that is grounded in empirical research, and that will help to alleviate human suffering, enhance the vitality and caring capacity of communities, and promote the ideals of a humane and just world.

The School is committed to the core social work values of: belief in the dignity and worth of all individuals; the centrality and power of caring human relationships; a commitment to social and economic justice that includes freedom from all forms of oppression and access to social goods; and a dedication to practicing with integrity and the highest level of competence. The School educates its students in collaboration with community partners and advances the social work profession through the scholarly contributions of its faculty.