All candidates are required to complete 128 credits in three areas as described below.

Liberal Arts (64 credits)

The liberal arts foundation of this program broadens the student’s perspective and is fundamental to the basic understanding of social work. These courses, offered at the College of Arts and Science, satisfy the University's liberal arts requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree. They are completed prior to the social work major.

The 64 credits of liberal arts will be taken from the fields of humanities, social science, and human biology. Students must complete the following requirements satisfactorily.

Liberal Arts Core (20 credits)

Writing workshops 8
Introduction to psychology 4
Introduction to sociology 4
Human biology 4

Liberal Arts Core Distribution (44 credits)

Humanities 12
Social sciences 16
Unrestricted electives 16

A student's selection of specific courses is made with the approval of the Silver School of Social Work adviser.

Social Work Major (64 credits)

Courses in the social work major core are designed to (1) cover the content areas relevant to social work values, knowledge, and practice and (2) merge classroom and field practice so that content and experience are joined into a single body of knowledge and skills.

The content areas covered by these courses are:

  • Human behavior in the social environment
  • Research methodology
  • Social welfare programs and policies
  • Social work practice
  • Field work

Courses in social work practice are closely integrated with supervised social agency experience so that the student has the opportunity to apply in practice the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. Field placements are designed around two objectives:

  1. Students placement in substantive areas of interest (e.g., child welfare, medical social work, public welfare, corrections, aging, etc.).
  2. Students placement in agency settings having familiarity with and interest in the baccalaureate social worker.

Residence Requirement. Students enrolled for degree programs at New York University are expected to take their courses, including summer school, at New York University. Exceptions are considered by the program director on a case-by-case basis and must be approved in advance.


Download a copy of the Bachelor's Program Checklist (PDF).
Download a copy of the Social Work Major Sample Curriculum (PDF).